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    In recent years, there has been a concept that is very hot. It is called “identity” and pays ring light for sale for it. New consumption thinking is taking shape. After 90 and 95, the birth of people is the biggest promoter of this new thinking. The listing of the B station, the rejuvenation of the Hanfu, the resurgence of the country, the rise of the network red store and the labeling life are reshaping the business logic, and all this comes down to a ritual feeling. For the 90s, the life needs a sense of ritual, and this is also the slogan of the hippocampus photo studio. The pursuit of exquisite documents also belongs to this ring light for sale column.
    3, true emotional story
    An exquisite documentary photo represents a life attitude. I want to show my most positive side to others at all times. Every little thing in life wants to take it seriously.
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