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Santa loses his Hat

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Once upon a time there lived Santa Claus. Santa has a very fluffy long white beard. Some people even said he’s fat. Santa had a lot of elves and his wife was called Mrs Claus and of course Santa had nine reindeers.

Santa was checking if all the elves were okay, they were actually making very playful toys at the time. Next, he wanted to check the reindeers, so he reached his chubby hand up to check his red and white hat but instead of touching his hat he was touching his white fluffy hair. Oh No shouted Santa. All the elves quickly turned around, “I’ve lost my hat” shouted Santa. The elves started to panic. “We’ll have to help Santa find it” said Tinsel a very, very tiny elf in a squeaky voice. Many Elves chorused to Tinsel together “Good idea”, while other Elves said “Yes, we’ll help”, while the gigantic Elf said to Tinsel “Good on you Tinsel” in a loud booming voice. Some of the Elves said that his voice was so massive that it was like a noise explosion!

Everyone searched, they only managed to check 500 rooms before they were exhausted. One Elf wondered how they were going to manage to check all 1000 rooms! Tinsel said “we have to carry on Santa needs his hat, he can’t go outside without it, because it’s freezing out there”. After checking 200 more rooms all the Elves fell asleep. However, Tinsel still didn’t give up, she kept checking. She checked everywhere; she even checked the reindeer stables. Eventually, she too fell asleep but she fell asleep excitedly!

When morning came Tinsel jumped out of bed. She immediately went to find Santa Claus, she told the Elves she met on the way that she had something important to tell Santa.

Santa was just sitting down to eat breakfast, he was having porridge, Tinsel couldn’t wait she shouted as loud as she could “I’ve found your red and white hat, it had fallen under the workshop bench”.

“Ho, Ho, Ho thank you Tinsel” said a very Happy Santa Claus and just in time to keep my head warm as I travel throughout the world.

Santa and Mrs Claus, all the Elves and the Reindeer were very pleased.

Keelin Lenihan Murphy
Christmas 2018. Age: 7years