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5 December 2021
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Wife Norma and children James, Patricia and Siobhan of the late Arthur Smith thank you most sincerely for all the kind expressions of sympathy in their recent loss.

We would like to thank all those who attended his Mass, watched online, called to the house and sent cards. Thank you to Fr Tom Kennedy and the Funeral Team for the lovely service and Cunningham Undertakers for their help and planning such a difficult time.

As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this as a token of our appreciation. Mass will be offered for your intentions.

Thank you and Arthur will be missed so much.




5th Anniversary – 28th November
My beloved husband, Albert "Nobby" Clark.
To my precious husband
Each day I miss you more
As I picture you at the kitchen table
Or coming through the front door
I miss our talks and the special way
That you would always understand
I miss the closeness that we shared
And how you’d hold my hand.
My love is always with you
Even though you went away
I find myself looking back daily
To so many happy days
But I have been a real trooper
Trying to get by the best I can
Just know that even from Heaven
You’ll always be my man.
Missed and adored every day, love forever your Breda



5th Anniversary – 28th November
If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving Dad
Who had a heart of gold
I could write a million pages
But still be unable to say
Just how much I love and miss him
Every single day
I’ll remember all he taught me
I’m hurt but won’t be sad
Because he’ll send me down the answers
And he’ll always be MY DAD.
Our Legend, our Dad Albert "Nobby" Clark.
Missed and loved every day, love always Karen, Lisa, Dawn, Sandra, Lynsey, Alan and Robert, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren



2nd Anniversary away from home
We hold you close within our hearts
And there you shall remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again
So rest in peace dear loved one
And thanks for all you’ve done
We pray that God has given you
The crown you’ve truly won.
From your loving wife Philomena (Philo), sons Paul and James and extended family members



5th Anniversary – 1st December
Late of Dodsboro.
In our hearts and thoughts always.
All the family



5th Anniversary – 1st December
also Rob’s 40th Birthday – 31st October
Late of Airlie Heights
He was captain of his own ship
Fighting through the torrid waters
He dropped anchor and came ashore
His lone journey started
Struggling against the rough terrain of life
A smile on his face throughout
As if he knew his berthing
Was but a short visit
Just a minute in God’s time
He endured his trials with patience and humour
Until it was time to lift anchor and again
sail solo into angry storms
At the helm battling monstrous waves
Driving onwards finding solace
And guidance from the heavenly compass
Until he saw it his predestination
There he laid anchor for the last time
Beneath the brilliance of the “Southern Cross”
So sadly missed by his heartbroken Mam Aine, Barney, Triona, John, Conor, Liam and Joe


Birthday Remembrance


Remembering David (Dots) on his Birthday 7th December, 1st away from home.
Also his brother Victor whose 55th Birthday is on 12th December
Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us everyday
Unseen, unheard but always near still loved,
still missed and very dear.
Also remembering Margaret and Thomas (Tommy) Malone whose anniversaries occur this week.
Missed always, Mick, Ann, Leanne, Tracy and Stephen