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20 September 2020
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Sports round-up

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Dodsboro Golfers Outing

Results: Lucan Golf Club 11th September 2020


1st. Mark Henry 40 Points
2nd. Niall Rankin 38 Points.
3rd. Tony Dempsey 38 Points.
4th. Martin Reilly 37 Points.
5th. Bluey Coyne 37 Points. BB9
6th Pat O Toole 34 Points. BB9
7th Dermot Doherty 34 Points. BB9
8th Brian Croke 34 Points. BB9
9th Joe Curtis 34 Points. BB9
10th Sid Kavanagh 35 Points. BB9
11th David Harding 33 Points.
12th Larry Weldon 32 Points. BB9
13th Johnny Thompson 32 Points.

1st. Mick McCarthy 39 Points.
2nd. Stephen Keegan 38 Points.BB9
3rd. Keith Doherty 37 Points. BB9
4th. Victor Olaoya 37 Points. BB9
5th. Martin Curtis 36 Points.
6th Pat Flannery 37 Points.
7th Daire McGloughlin 36 Points. BB9
8th Stuart Clarke 36 Points. BB9
9th Kevin Richmond 36 Points. BB9
10th Shane O Neill 34 Points
11th John Power 35 Points. BB9
12th Alan Croke 35 Points.
13th Kevin Halpin. 34 Points.

A wonderful day had by all and a big thank you to Lucan Golf Club.