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21 July 2019
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Birdie was dizzy watching all the sport last weekend, between GAA and the tennis! The remote control didn’t know what happened it switching between TV stations to see the different games at the same time!
Great to see the Dubs do so well again – I know some other team will win Sam in the future, but not for a while yet – let’s enjoy it while it lasts!
Looking forward to the Rossies match this time – Up the Dubs!

Work on Swimming Pool started at long last – wonder will it be ready for next summer!

Looks like we lost the Tennis Courts – were they not being used these days? Time was when kids spent weeks of their summer holidays on those courts, particularly after watching Wimbledon on telly.


One of our Readers, met this little fellow crossing the road from Willo's B&B to the Demesne Sunday night at 9.45 pm – Our little Maidrín Rua is one of many in the area these days.

Years ago, people associated foxes with hen-runs and the like – they’d be after the chickens at night, and there were lots of chickens around Lucan up to the 1960s.
People brought up nearer the city associate them more with scavenging!

We all learned An Maidrín Rua at school:
"Good-morrow fox, " "Good-morrow, Sir."
"Pray what is that you're eating?"
It's a fine fat goose I stole from you,
And will you come and taste it?"

Thanks for the photo, Frank!


Speaking of olden days in Lucan, the above photo shows Tommy Smyth outside his Shoemakers Shop on Main Street, back in the 1920s. We understand that the ladies looking out the top windows are Tommy’s sisters.

Tommy took over the business from his father, and was still working up to the late 60s, when Tommy Kelly then took over the business.

Today, you can have a bowl of soup or cup of coffee on the same spot where the cobbler plied his trade! Just beside St. Andrew’s Church, the River Café is now on the premises.


Birthday Greetings

Happy 4th Birthday
to a very special girl
Ruby Stearn
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday
All our love from the Stearn, McCahill and Dowling Families. x x x x x