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20 January 2019
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Jack Frost made his appearance at last – still we can’t complain after the mild Christmas and New Year. The frost might kill some of the bugs on the go.

Congratulations to the two Lucan Sarsfields Footballers who featured in the win against Meath on Saturday night last. Ciarán Smith and Darren Gavin will get to show their skills again this weekend in the final of the O’Bryne Cup – Great days ahead for the lads!

Tandy’s Lane is to close for most of the year – from next week until Christmas 2019 – due to the construction of the new road through the area. It probably won’t be missed too much as people now use the route through the Paddocks to get from one side of the parish to the other.

Dodsboro Post Office is to close at the end of the month, with locals eventually going to the new Post Office at Supervalu – this won’t be ready for some time, so in the meantime, people must travel to Lucan Village or Ballyowen to do their business. Locals are not happy at all about the situation.

Watch out for the Blood Moon on 20th/21st January – Sunday night, when we will have a total lunar eclipse. We gather it may be visible from Ireland.

Brexit – It would be remiss not to mention Brexit some week in Lucan Newsletter – but what can you say about it? Will we know any more by this time next week?

Petrol Prices seem to be at their lowest for a long time – may the trend continue!

‘Deserted Schoolhouses of Ireland’ by Enda O’Flaherty – This book will be of interested to many newer Lucanians who come from all parts of Ireland. It features photos and articles covering more than 240 old school houses, stretching from Cork to Donegal, and along the border regions. We’re sure some of you will spot your old haunts in there!

‘Deserted Schoolhouses of Ireland’ will be launched in Cork on 8 March - make a note!

Last bit of Christmas still in Lucan Village, as those lights twinkle away – They will soon be at an end, but the longer stretch in the evenings is becoming more noticeable every day!