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3 December 2023
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pictures of the churches in lucan


What a week gone by!
Little could we have guessed the things that would unfold, between the stabbing incident of young children and their carer in the middle of the day, and riots which ensued, endangering the lives of many more, our first responders in particular, along with transport staff. A Thursday which won't be forgotten for a long time ....

What a star!
Our spirits were lifted somewhat on Friday with the Late Late Toy Show, which featured Lucan's 11 year old Freya McLaughlin.


Freya won the hearts of everyone with her cheeriness and lovely singing. With a big interest in horses, she was presented with a trip to the equestrian competitions at the Olympics in Parish next year. Watch out for this star of the future!

Jack Frost put in an appearance early on Saturday morning, and it proved to be the introduction to the real wintry weather ....

Button up your overcoat, From the winter chill .....