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26 September 2021
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Apologies for missing out on our printed edition last week! Modern technology is brilliant, until it goes wrong!!!
Our printing machine sat down, and there was no coaxing it into action again.
Luckily, we did have our online edition, but we have repeated some items, and all the advertisements which should have been printed last week, in this week's issue.
We will repeat a couple of other interesting items as space permits.

First Communions: Lovely to see the First Holy Communions happening at last. The boys and girls have been waiting so long, some for more than a year, so we hope they all have a very memorable day.

'A night of hunting the false widow spider: 'They are everywhere in this area''
That was a headline in the Irish Times on Saturday 18th September. Journalist, Mark Hilliard described how researcher, Dr. John Dunbar, equipped with tweezers and headlamp, goes about his work.

'On a chilly evening thousands of such spiders are scattered just out of sight along Beech Park, a long quiet suburban road in Lucan lined with detached homes and webbed hedges. The Noble False Widow , or Steatoda Nobilis , first recorded in Ireland in 1999 is far more common than most people realise and its numbers are increasing alarmingly.' He caught 94 False Widows on the night in question.

Smaller than the native house spider, chocolate brown with a large bulbous abdomen and an intricate cream pattern sometimes resembling a skull, the false widow is easy to identify.

Apparently, they are not too dangerous, but can give you a good sting if you bother them!


Congratulations to Eva Norton of Scoil Aine Naofa on reaching the semi-finals of the Junior Eurovision contest which aired last Sunday on TG4. Eva made a great impression on the judges with her brilliant performance of This Is Me from The Greatest Showman - as Gaeilge.



To Nicola Whyte and Donncha Hassey
on the birth of baby Aine last week!

No doubt she'll have a hurl in her hand very soon!


Blast from the past ....


Altar Boys at St. Mary's in the 1950s
L-R: Declan Hughes from Esker, Unknown, and Nick Ennis from Weir View, along with Curate, Fr. James Loughran, who would become Parish Priest of St. Patrick's in Esker in the 1980s. If anyone knows the boy in the centre, please drop us a line. Sadly everyone else in the photo has passed on.


Pathways in Happiness - Sept 2021

Lucan Newsletter in Print and Full Colour - 'Conkers Abu'

Neighbours, Friends, Big Smiles of Young People and Kindness of Strangers.

Quiet Citizen Litter-Pickers and ever-helpful SDCC Representatives - Cheerful Park Staff and great 'Chattery' of Walkers etc.

New Seating in Demesne - Community Orchards - Goodies from Urban Market.

Wheelchair Accessible Exercise System, St. Catherine's Park.

Fenced-in Beech Tree, said to be c. 270 years old, has been given its seasons to enthral us.

Black Avenue's 'Cuchulainn'- St. Catherine's 'Gandalf' - Village Green's 'Methuselah', and Brother.

An Ancient Well in gated Grotto, and a Keyhole Stile to River Confluence.

Robin's Pre-Dawn Song - Wren's Nest in Thorn-hedge and Juvenile Cormorant on River Branch.

Cobwebs spangled with Morning Mist - and a 'Hairy Nellie' Caterpillar shimmying across path.

Spiny Teasles, Bee-Happy Buddleia and the sudden sharp smell of Nettles.

Donkeys in Paddock top Standford Hill - Lily Pads on quiet river near Bleach Green.

Weir-side Breakfast al Fresco with Foraging Swan Family and omnivorous Ducks

All part of 'Treasures of Lucan'


A beloved 90 year old lady danced at her hooley and sang a hearty Molly Malone - a celebration of life.

We love music and learning to fix things!


Georgian Gates and Railings etc restored to Phoenix Park - Anna Livia at swim in garden Wolfe Tone Quay.

Beautiful Street Artworks on Control Boxes.

Bewley's Afternoon Tea in the environs of Harry Clarkes Windows - Jim Fitzpatrick-s Eiru and Patrick Campbell's Bronzes - Gorgeous.

Ronan Gillespie's Famine Group - Heart Wrenching.

(An Odyssey!!)