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31 May 2020
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pictures of the churches in lucan

Another week gone , hard to believe this is our 11th online only edition. We've no idea yet as to when we’ll be back in hard copy, but it's great to have the website for all our readers at home and abroad.

Big welcome home to Rose, one of our team, who went to Melbourne to visit her grandchildren back in January, and only got back to Lucan last weekend. She is now self-isolating, so we won't see her for another week or so. Great to have her home again!

She told us that the hairdressers never shut down in Oz, so she is probably looking more beautiful than the rest of us!


Rose sent us this photo of the Postman whizzing around the houses delivering and picking up post.

To New Zealand now where more people with Lucan links live - hairdressers are open again, and they can visit restaurants, all with strict COVID rules. Louise, our friend, told us of going out to lunch, and having to sign in giving all their details for contact tracing.

To London now, and a Whatsapp conversation:
Sunday last 10.45, from Lucan to London

Lucan: How is it going?
London: Grand, just getting ready Mass
Lucan: Oh, whereabouts is it?
London: Lucan at 11am - might see you there!

Isn't it just brilliant to have the livestreaming!

Colourful Gardai: Have you noticed all the different colours of the Garda cars recently? It would seem that some were acquired in a hurry to deal with the present crisis, but we spotted a 'fire brigade' red vehicle with the usual livery on the sides the other day - looked so strange!

Bloom in the Park was one of our favourite outings this weekend each year. Alas it too has fallen victim to the virus. It will be a very strange June Bank Holiday weekend, but at least we have the good weather, unlike last weekend when we had a bit of a storm, with leaves coming down very early in the season.

Flower of the Holy Spirit


This is one of the orchid species named Flower of the Holy Spiri.
It starts blooming during the Pentecostal period each year. Before bloom, it looks like praying saints, when the flower blooms it looks like a flying dove.
How amazing is God's creation!

The flower is found in found in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.
Thank you to the Reader who forwarded this interesting piece on to us.

Good Luck to all the Leaving Cert Students as they undertake very different exam system this year. Hard to know how to feel about it. Hopefully it will all work out!

Dublin Canvas 2020: It's lovely to see all the brightly coloured boxes around Lucan and further afield, so here's the callout for more wonderful artists

A total of 114 traffic light control boxes available to paint throughout
& @sdublincoco

Artists & community groups who wish to participate should visit For full details on how to apply #dublincanvas