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4 December 2022
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Ways of Beauty & Thanksgiving November 2022

Spring Bulbs set in grass near post box, Lower Tandy's Lane.

Pathways in St. Catherines lead through shadowlands of Beech Cathedrals.

Resting heron at Riverside Perch.

Swan Pair 'tail-up' feeding in reeds.

Pedestrian Crossing to Demesne 'Gateway'.

Signage for Tree Names prepared by John Boylan Foundry SDCC in Demesne.

Revisiting ancient Double Cottage etc near 'Hillview'.

Top of Stanford Hill on 29th November, we encountered Derek from Co. Armagh and his team of Craft Stonemason who are restoring those erstwhile 'lost' dwelling - using lime mortar etc - Bravo!

Delighted also to see plans afoot to restore ancient 'Gate Lodge' - later shop at end of Weir View properties.

So grateful for return of those Highland Shaggy ones and Jacob Sheep to St. Catherines - see and marvel!!

Vote of thanks please to SDCC Dept of Environment teams for the timely response to graffiti removal requests on pedestrian bridge and environs.

And also many tanks to our SD County Councillors for their advocacy, and who regularly advise ASDCC of need to remove stored litter bags etc.

'The memory of beauty sustains us in gratitude for things present'

Re: the offending redundant Eircom Pole on Tandy's Lane, several calls to recommended telephone number for 'Dangerous Plant Dept' - resulted in 'Not our responsibility' - (Where to now).

Seasonal Greetings to All
Breda L. Conalty