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21 April 2019
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Happy Easter to all our readers and contributors – hope all enjoy Eastertime, and the lovely bright weather it brings to us this year!

Lovely to hear the birdsong, and feel a pleasant day building through the early morning mist….

Notre Dame de Paris was a sorry sight this past week – it was interesting to listen to various television news accounts – some were able to avoid the word ‘Catholic’ or ‘Christian’ for the whole report, referring instead to culture and heritage! One even mentioned the activities of ‘Easter Week’ as against Holy Week……
Strange times for Christians!

Lots of political candidates knocking on our doors these days, and dropping in countless leaflets. Seems that for all the social media avenues open to all, the personal call is favoured.

Regarding Election Poster s, legislation provides that posters “will be permitted from Wednesday 24th April 2019 until midnight on the 31st May 2019” . There are also guidelines for placing posters with regard to Road Safety Law.

Political Notes – As is our policy, Lucan Newsletter will not carry any further political notes until after the elections on 24th May 2019. Good luck to all candidates!

Lucan Methodist Church is carrying out renovations to its roof at the moment – the 19th century building will surely see out another couple of centuries when work is complete.



Last Sunday 14th April was the 40th Anniversary of the Glen of Imaal tragedy. At 5pm on Saturday evening Fr Joe Poole celebrated Mass in Sarsfield Park to mark the occasion. A big crowd gathered on the green where once Declan, Derek and Victor and their friend David would have played football. Fr Joe said how he wondered what these young lads would have become 40 years on or what they would even look like. He also remembered Paddy Burchael, Phyllis Lacey and Jimmy Eiffe who were involved in the running of St Mary’s Youth Club for many years and who are all gone to their reward.

The poem “US” which Gerard Byrne had composed for “The Gathering” in 2013 was read out which made us recall a lot of events and people connected with the Park. The Residents Association placed flowers on the lads’ graves in Esker on behalf of all residents past and present.