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25 July 2021
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Phew! It's hot stuff out there this week. We should be careful what we wish for!
Joking aside, it's great to have the bit of fine weather, especially when we are best advised to stay on the Costa del Irlanda.

Not as many walkers out in the middle of the day, but well done to those who left bowls of water outside their houses for the doggies. Some people are great for thinking of such little things!

Indoor Dining - as we go to press, it is looking like indoor dining will be permitted from next week to those vaccinated, and the pubs will welcome back some very thirsty people.

Just remember, it's up to each one of us to take personal responsibility and be very careful.

Getting back to normal? This time last year, we were looking forward to getting back to normality - little did we know!!!

SDCC are doing a great job cleaning up the N4 between the Newcastle junction and the turn off for Dodsboro. Fierce amount of ivy along here, and now that it's gone, we can see the buggies, and car seats, and some other items which were just illegally dumped.

Don't forget! After next week's issue, 1st August, Birdie and Co will be taking their summer break. Be sure to get notice of any upcoming events to us in time.


Summer long ago .....


A day at the seaside, it was a Dodsboro residents outing back in the 1950s. We can only imagine the preparations involved in the trip making sure to pack everything for the dozens of children that were in Dodsboro back then. No doubt the flasks and sandwiches were all part of the great day.
Remember the 'sand sandwiches'!

Back L-R: B. Monaghan, J. Donnelly, C. Fallon, Jean Monaghan, Rosaleen Monaghan, Mattie Murray, and Ann Murray.
Mid: Kitty Croke, Lil Murray, May Murray, Mattie V. Murray, Patrick Murray and Margie Donnelly.
Front: Licia Monaghan, Ger Murray, Tom Croke, Pat Murray, Fred Croke and Ronnie Donnelly in the very front.

The above picture is courtesy of Paddy Monaghan, who has turned up many a gem for us in the past.


From The Man on the Bridge ....


Pictured with her mother, is a young Pauline Condron (nee McCormack), who passed away recently.

The scene was captured by the Man on the Bridge, Arthur Fields, with the iconic Nelson's Pillar in the background.

Pauline appears to have a small case in her hand, very likely to carry her bits and bobs to school in an Infants Class.