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25 April 2021
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Last few days of April already, and it looks like Summer is arriving.
How different May will be again without our little First Communion people!

We're on the road to De-Mask-us! Thankfully, the vaccine registration got a brilliant response. At this stage, we would nearly take anything to stay safe! The good news at Lucan Newsletter is that we are getting nearer our return to hard copy, with the elder lemons getting the jab.

St. Mary's Sensory Garden


Next time you are in the vicinity of St. Mary's, have a look at the sensory garden, just beside the Bungalow. It was established with the help of our Tidy Towns people. Bring the kids - they'll love it!

Drone Operations to Update Mapping: SDCC have been updating their basemaps in the Adamstown are over the past few weeks, by taking aerial photographs via a drone.
A far cry from when fellows rolled out chains to map places!!!


Beautiful walks all over Lucan in these times. We are so lucky! The above photo of the weir at Shackleton's Mill was taken by Gary Gibson, while strolling in St. Eds.



Weather Report!

It's great to have readers all over the world, and this week we received very special photos from Napier, on the north island of New Zealand.

One day last week, residents were alarmed as a very strange and powerful storm tracked over the island, surprising people with a Waterspout!


Josh Feierabend who was visiting friends along the coast at the time, took these brilliant photos.

The thunder and lightning, and hail showers came in from the Tasman Sea, and while spectacular, the storm was quite frightening to many.

A Waterspout would be the equivalent of a tornado over land, and is a pretty unusual feature even in that part of the world.

Our correspondent hid in from the storm, and like us just admired the photos, and also watched the TV coverage!


The storm looming off the coast of Napier

A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water. Some are connected to a cumulus congestus cloud, some to a cumuliform cloud and some to a cumulonimbus cloud. In the common form, it is a non-supercell tornado over water.

They can occur in any part of the world, but are rare. A spectacular waterspout was spotted in the Shannon Estuary in August 2020, and four years previous to that, there was one off the coast of Donegal.

Thank you to Josh for the pictures, and to Louise Carroll for putting them our way.