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27 May 2018
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Big welcome to the glorious weather with temperatures rivalling places like Madrid this weekend. Long may it last!

Birdie is looking forward to Bloom next weekend – you never know, we might just see a Lucan garden there! Fingers crossed!

Lovely Blooms around Lucan Village these days too – won’t be long before Tidy Towns Judge visits, so let’s all play our part in keeping Lucan looking lovely!

Old fashioned Newsletter News! Birdie was reminded of a time when all returning emigrants got a mention in our weekly publication – whether they be home for good or a holiday! Delighted to see Yvonne of the Flanagan Family from Dodsboro, enjoying Big Maggie at the Spa Hotel last Tuesday night. Hope you have a nice holiday before your return to Oz!

Lucan Weir looked fabulous on TV3’s Ireland AM on Thursday last as students from Balbriggan Community College Camera Club were learning to photograph water in various ways – a great venue for it!

New GDPR law in force from this weekend – Gardaí have warned to be careful with emails received these days.
Companies are emailing customers seeking permission to retain information. If the email is not from a company whom you’ve had dealings with – delete it!
It’s amazing the lengths some people (criminals) go to, in abuse of things!

The Treacle Sea and other stories – by Beattice Aird O’Hanlon is being launched in aid of Crumlin Childrens Hospital next weekend! Many of the illustrations are by local woman Jane Langwell – We were lucky enough to get a sneak peep, but really looking forward to getting our hands on a copy! Look out for it!

Enjoy the Sunshine!


Maggie Polpin would put the fear of God in anyone!

Big Maggie, one of the greatest drama creations of our time, was brought to life by Marie Henry at Lucan Drama’s production in the Spa Hotel last week, and we were left in no doubt as to who ruled the roost. With respect to Marie, we won’t be crossing her any time soon!


Maggie (Marie Henry) , and daughter Gert (Catherine Collins) , mull over things after her husband’s burial – things will be different from now on!

In a very demanding role – being on stage for almost two hours total – Maggie was the formidable matriarch, determined to have things her way or no way.

It’s always good to see some new names on the programme, as this group on the go for so long, look to the future.


Teddy Heelin and Byrne discuss matters.

Katie (Aoife Gately) was the second daughter who thought she was able for her mother, and your heart would go out to the two poor sons, Maurice (Jack C. Flanagan) , and Mick (Dylan McQuaid) . Maurice left for London, and poor Mick was not allowed marry his sweetheart Mary Madden (Elaine Carwood) .

Joe Dignam-Brady was in great form as Byrne, the headstone maker, who put his eye on Maggie only to be badly deflated.

Maggie also got Teddy Heelin (Brian Whitney) under her spell as she thwarted daughter Gert’s attempt for a date with Teddy.

The old man and woman, (Brendan Freeman and Sheila Corrigan) , collected the gossip any chance they got!


Old Woman (Sheila Corrigan) , quizzes Katie about her baby son, while below, Mick faces up to Maggie.


Congratulations to Director Niall Cassidy and all the cast and crew. It was a night we’ll remember for a long time – and we’ll never look at ‘Maggie’ in the same light again!