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22 April 2018
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pictures of the churches in lucan


The joys of Lucan Demesne! We’ve heard lots of nice comments about the Demesne this past week as the spring sunshine brings out the very best in it - from the greening of the area to the morning birdsong, and the quacking of ducks as they scramble for food to the new lambs resting in the warm sunshine, and now we have apple trees getting a great start with the warm days. Enjoy!



A poem for spring 2018

Lucan springs alive

Walking by the river’s edge
A squirrel peeped out from a hedge
Hunkered in his dray no doubt
The sun tempting him to venture out

I paused enjoying the smell of spring
and listened to the wood pigeon sing
The sun drying out the soil so damp
Two ducks ascended a tree stump ramp

Wild garlic fragrance in the air
Children playing free from care
Babies sitting in their prams
As mothers showed them new born lambs

Newly planted apple trees
Blowing gently in the breeze
The grey heron posed motionlessly
Perched upon a fallen tree

It great to witness nature thrive
And make you glad to be alive

By Benny


You wouldn’t recognise the old Tandy’s Lane these days! Between a bus lane and traffic lights, realignments, a new road, and new housing estates – it’s a very different world.


Many older people will recall walking this lane long ago, and perhaps not seeing even one car. At this time of year, primroses and ferns carpeted the banks – often dug out and taken back home to the garden!
You can still actually drive up the lane, but take care weaving in and out through the bollards etc.