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13 June 2021
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Our thoughts are with the Leaving Cert students this week, as they work their way through the exams.
We spotted girls from St. Joseph's College on Virgin 3 news on Wednesday evening, and by all accounts, the papers of the day were fair, and made for a good start to the exams.
The typical exam weather didn't go unnoticed either, but its great to have the bit of heat.

Best of luck to all the local businesses getting up and running once again. Its great to see a bit of life around the place, especially in the evenings. If only we could depend on the weather!

Vaccines are rolling out at a fierce pace, with over 30s due to be invited to register this coming week.
Hopefully, in a few more weeks, all the Newsletter Team will be fully vaccinated, and by September, we should see a bit more normality about the place. Fingers crossed!

Must give a shout out to Lucan Tidy Towns for the wonderful pinks and blues spotted these days along the Main Road between the village and schools – lots of bees and insects enjoying outdoor dining.

The Boys in Green gave us a bit of a lift on Tuesday night when they drew with Hungary. Early days still, but hopeful!


This pair were captured by a member of St. Mary's Camera Soiree - I would think that the Magpie was doing the teasing; the birds are so crafty these days!

Dubs teams feature in several games this weekend. Good luck to all the Sarsfields players involved. Things are looking great on that front!

Euros kick off this weekend. Sadly we have no Irish interest, but no doubt plenty of readers have taken part in sweeps – there’ll be some winners!


Once upon a time .....

We had groups of senior citizens meeting up on weekly and some on monthly basis.

The music, fun and games from those days are legendary, though sadly, many of the people are no longer with us.

We hope that sooner rather than later, such groups can meet up again safely. Fingers crossed, it won't be too far away.


Lizzie Doyle, Betty Dunne and ?


?, Una Sheridan and Teasie Greene


Willie Ennis, Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Malone, Lizzie Doyle and Tommy Malone


Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Whelan, and Mrs. Purcell.

Thank you to Kevin Byrne for sending in these photos from bygone days (early 1980s) of Esker Friends of the Elderly.

Here's hoping there are many happy days ahead!