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16 May 2021
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pictures of the churches in lucan


Birdie is delighted to be back in print once again - let's hope this time it's for good!

While the weather might not be great , Lucan can still put on a delightful display of natural beauty. Those of you who frequent Lucan Demesne cannot but have noticed the flowering wild garlic these mornings, and the rain brings out the scent all the more - breathe deep!


Just how many shades of green are there? We googled, and found a site numbering 295 shades, from Absinthe to Zombie Green, with all the more familiar ones in between. However many there are, we're sure that everyone of them is on view in our lovely demesne parkland. Splendour at its best!


And many will have noticed the profusion of colours along the walk way, in these beautiful pollinator plants.
Looks like people are really getting into the pollinator idea!

Great to see the GAA back on the telly again. Alas it wasn't to be with the hurlers losing to Kilkenny last weekend, but maybe they'll have better luck taking on Laois this Saturday.
The Dubs footballers face Roscommon on Sunday.
Good luck to all the Lucan Sarsfields lads involved in these games.
We'll settle for the telly for now, but hopefully, the public will be allowed back into matches in the not too distant future.

Congratulations to St. Patrick's Church in Esker, on reaching the magical number of 100,000 views on You Tube.
It's been brilliant that Mass could be accessed in most parished via the internet, but churches are another special place that many will want to get back to.

Eurovision is back this coming week! Who remembers the good old days of Butch Moore, Dickie Rock, Sean Dunphy and Dana who was the first Irish winner. It was really a very glamourous formal event back then.

Thank you to all who send us in amusing little quips and pieces. They are much appreciated!