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26 February 2017
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50th Anniversary Edition

Sunday 26th February 1967 – Sunday 26th February 2017


Lucan Newsletter, though not quite as old as these 1771 bridge ruins, has spanned the times in Lucan for the past 50 years!


Celebrating half a century……………

This special edition of the Lucan Newsletter celebrates the 50th year of its publication, I think that I can state without fear of contradiction that we hold the honour of being the oldest parish newsletter in the country. What began as a publication of the local GAA was handed over to the parish of St. Mary and has become a Newsletter not just for the parish of Lucan but a community publication covering the many and varied aspects of Lucan life, religious, sporting cultural etc. In addition to covering the news of the three Lucan Catholic Parishes, we also serve as a community space for the Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of Lucan. This reflects the excellent relations we enjoy between the churches.

Shortly after my arrival in the parish I went along one Thursday to meet the team who prepare the newsletter each week, and they proudly told me that in two years’ time the newsletter would be 50 years old. When I pointed out how marvellous they were to be so many years involved I got some funny looks and quickly tried to make amends by assuring them that not one among them looked a day over 40, much to their amusement. (I lied!)

Many of the originators of the Lucan Newsletter have gone to God since those early days, and we do well to remember the time and commitment they devoted to the newsletter through the years. In addition to the editorial group there have also been the many people associated in putting it together physically and ensuring it reaches the readers each week, indeed these are too numerous to mention. In the early days many young people of the schools took an active role in the sale and distribution.

I have been writing the front page for the past two years and I am always amazed by the number of people who refer to what I have written when I meet them in different situations around the parish, indeed many assure me that they look forward to each week’s newsy and interesting edition.

Lucan is a lively community with a great spread of clubs, associations and a myriad of activities sporting, cultural etc, and it is great that we have a publication that reflects and encourages that broad spectrum of community life.

So as a blow-in may I congratulate all who have had a hand act or part in the past 50 years of the Lucan Newsletter. In particular, thanks to those whose current weekly commitment ensures that is appears each week. May it endure for another 50 years – at least!

If you want to take a stroll down memory lane the Newsletter has its own web site where archived copies can be viewed:

Fr. Philip Curran