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30 April 2017
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Once a year the Archbishop writes a letter of thanks to the people of the Diocese for their ongoing support of the SHARE collection at Sunday Mass and Sunday April 30th is this year’s Share Sunday.


Initially SHARE was established as a support fund for the many developing parishes in the Dublin of the 1970’s. At that time many new churches were built in areas of the diocese where income was small and social welfare dependency high, and it was an innovative was of assisting these newly formed parish communities. Most of these churches are now paid for and the needs of the diocese have altered radically in the intervening years. The assistance to parishes in need is still an important part of the work of Share and thanks to the fund Bawnogue Parish will have a much-needed new Church roof and improved parish facilities very shortly. In addition, the Ballymun Grouping of Parishes will have a new pastoral centre, which will benefit all three local parish communities.

The recent implementation of the Charities Act has meant that the diocese have had to ensure compliance with the Act in many areas of its activities, and this has entailed a substantial expenditure to bring systems and procedures up to the mark, SHARE has enabled this work to proceed. The income from Share is dropping on average by 3% each year and if this trend continues the diocese will find itself in financial straits before very long. The following are some of the important activities and services supported by SHARE.

• Church repairs & support for Parishes
• Parish Pastoral Workers & Catechists
• Evangelisation and Liturgy programmes & events
• Faith Development for young adults and youth groups
• Support for our Catholic Schools
• Child Safeguarding & Garda Vetting
• Parish Financial Management, HR Support and advice
• Communications between Parishes and the wider Church
• Diocesan Archives – preserving our history for future generations

So you can clearly see how central the SHARE fund is to the life and renewal of the church in Dublin. You can find copies of the SHARE newsletter in the church porches this weekend. I’ll let the Archbishop have the final word.

“I thank you for supporting the Share collection and I appeal to you to continue to give generously to Share, the second collection, each Sunday. Your help is an invaluable contribution to the work of renewal in the Church.
With sincere thanks and prayerful goods wishes in this Easter season.”
+ Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Fr. Philip Curran