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17 January 2021
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Our Readers Write......

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Over fifty years ago I served on the committee of what was then Hill House Estate. Several matters of concern were raised with the developer Timothy O'Shea, before the estate was taken in charge by the local authority. We brought the following items to the attention of Mr. O'Shea:

(a): Our unanimous dis-satisfaction with the name of the estate .... a plebiscite was held and the name of the estate was changed to Lucan Heights.

(b): At the same time and by a unanimous vote we demanded that permanent bollards be erected at both ends of the pedestrian exit form Lucan Heights onto the main road. This was deemed necessary because a number of motor-cyclists were using the pedestrian exit, thereby placing at risk the safety of school children and other pedestrians, Permanent bollards were placed in position and have remained in place for over fifty years. They are a permanent feature of the estate and constitute a vital part of the purchase contract of all houses on the estate. Any breach of the pedestrian exit would represent a breach of contract, would lower the value of all house in the estate and would destroy the identity and integrity of the estate. The pedestrian exit must remain intact. The notion that school children, vulnerable adults going to and from the church and residents using the bus should have to cross a line of traffic and be exposed to risk is utterly abhorrent.

Lucan Heights occupies one of the highest sites overlooking the village and on the site of one of the oldest roads in Ireland. It is of immense historical importance, A four-storey building adjacent to one of the busiest road-junctions in Dublin and in the path of hundreds of children should never have been proposed and must be rejected for once and for all.

Lucan residents are extremely sensitive in relation to the preservation of the beauty and amenity of The Strawberry Beds, a route of great beauty and of literary and historical significance. Every development along both sides of this valley has had to adhere to strict environmental guidelines. The proposed building would shatter these guidelines and would be visually obtrusive and environmentally detrimental. We will do everything to preserve the beauty of the Liffey Valley and the value and amenity of our homes.

Hugh Mulrooney
Lucan Heights
January 11th 2021