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5 July 2020
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Our Readers Write......

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Holly's Story

Holly Kennedy was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer which is a very aggressive and fast-growing breast cancer at the age of 32. She found a lump while breast feeding her 4 month of baby boy. A Mother's worse nightmare! Holly underwent 13 months of treatment including, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Happy magazine (Holly's magazine) is the resource she longed for when she was going through her own treatment – the tool to show her how you can still be happy, even during cancer. Holly created the magazine to distribute to anyone with cancer FOR FREE and is published every three months, with fabulous interviews from the likes of Brian Kennedy, Domini Kemp etc.

Holly had a relapse in the Summer of 2019 with a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer, which is now in her liver, lungs and bones. A pharmaceutical company called CytoDyn in the USA may have a breakthrough treatment for triple negative cancer. It has been fast tracked for approval and Holly tested and has scored very well for a good response.

Holly travelled to the States on 16th June 2020 where she got accepted for the trial. Holly has to inject herself twice daily with the drug Leronmilab. When Holly returned to Dublin, CytoDyn Pharmaceuticals got in touch to say that they would send the drug Leronmilab to Ireland instead of Holly travelling to the States every two months. One of the conditions for Holly from CytoDyn Pharmaceuticals is that her Oncologist must specialise in triple negative breast cancer. Unfortunately, there are no Oncologist in Ireland so Holly will have to travel to Europe, once she finds an Oncologist. She will also have to visit the States later in the year.

Her Husband Derek is self-employed and is Holly's main carer and they live in Dublin with their 4 year old Son. Holly has produced Ireland's FIRST Cancer Journal, a beautiful journal/plan for all Oncology patients, or to give as a gift to anyone who has had a recent diagnosis. The journal costs €20 plus postage and is available via her Instagram account @happymagazineirl. All monies from the journal sales will be used for Holly’s travel and day to day expenses.

Lately, Holly is currently experiencing awful pain and is waiting on the result of her recent scan. Holly hopes to resume her chemotherapy asap.

Her friend Olive O'Sullivan who own BrowtiqueCork Microblading in West Cork and specialises with microblading for people who have been diagnosed with Cancer. Olive set up a GoFundMe page Keep Holly Healthy And 'HAPPY' (USA drug trial) for Holy for all her flights / accommodation / food / transportation etc.

I personally do not know Holly or Olive but have followed Holly's journey over the last few years as I’m a breast cancer survivor and a Mother. Holly is the only person in Ireland using this drug. There is a hashtag #hollytrials which has got a lot of notice especially in the States.

Evelyn Moher