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25 March 2018
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Our Readers Write......

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To Nine Year Old’s on World Forestry Day!!

Children are not often invited to speak to the United Nations General Assembly, but there stood Felix Finkbeiner, German wunderkind in his Harry Potter spectacles, grey hoodie, and mop-top haircut—with a somber question about climate change.

“We children know and adults know the challenges and we all know the solutions,” he said. “We don’t know why there is so little action.”
Later he felt he couldn’t rely on Adults, so he started himself.

Look up “Teenager on track to plant a Trillion Trees”: National Geographic

Last year, we at Wells for Zoë began planting firewood trees because women, where we installed nearly 500 pumps, told us that they were now walking 5 to 10 km to collect firewood. This venture has now developed into an all-out drive to plant 2 million trees, so we are looking for a Lucan version of Felix, to assist us?

€1 will plant 10 trees for you.

You could share in our plan by going to our website: clicking on DONATE to “set your donation amount”.

You could save this money by switching off lights and electronic devices when they are not in use

John and Mary: