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26 February 2017
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Our Readers Write......

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Helping with the Newsletter

Hi to all the Newsletter Staff,

Many congratulations on your upcoming 50th. It's brilliant. Just thought I would share my story of my helping days with the Newsletter.

When I went into 4th class aged 9, Sr. Oliver was my teacher. I made a decision to be very good and do all I could to keep on her right side. So when she started to look for class helpers my hand went up at all times but I was never picked. As she made her way along her list, my arm was getting sore. She then said she was looking for a helper for the Newsletter, before she finished talking my arm was up. To my delight she said 'yes you Catherine Mc Nally'.

Well I was thrilled, but my bubble was soon burst when she told me I had to be at the school at 9.30 on a Saturday morning. How was I going to tell my Mam I needed bus fare for Saturday. I decided I was not going to back down because I was keeping on Sr. Oliver's right side. Home I went and told my Mam the news, all she said was sure it will be bright and you can walk down. This must have been where I got my love of walking.

So every Saturday morning, I walked down and back to Ballydowd to help with the Newsletter. Home I came with my free copy without the staple, you were allowed one free copy but you were not allowed to staple it.

Coming to the end of our year with Sr. Oliver she was getting tired of us and we were getting tired of her, so a lot of time we got into trouble. One Friday myself and my friend Patricia Coxon from Palmerstown, got a telling off just before the bell went; she put our names up on the blackboard for correction on Monday, this meant we worried all weekend!

But as normal on Saturday morning, off I went to help with the Newsletter. Just as we finished I was in the classroom by myself. I looked up at the black board, and saw my name and Patricia's. In a flash I rubbed them out and sat back down at my Newsletter. Then home I went.

As Monday came around I became very worried about what I had done. I told Patricia in the line and she looked just as worried as I felt. The bell went; in we walked to class as we said our prayers Sr. Oliver kept looking at the board but said nothing and for once in my life it paid off being a Newsletter helper.

Enjoy the celebrations,
Catherine Kelly