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21 October 2018
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Our Readers Write......

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Dear Editor,

With Winter approaching, would you consider the installation of hand sanitizers in all porches of the Church.

This hopefully, would reduce the incidents of flu, colds etc..

Mary Strickland, Esker Lawns, 17th October


Parking in Disabled Bays

Why oh why do some people think it is acceptable to park on the Disabled Bays, specially at Saint Mary's Church, when they are not permitted to do so?

In short, it's not acceptable. In length, it's ignorant, arrogant, bad-manners, lazy, boorish, two-fingered and totally maddening for people entitled to use them.

Hey folks, they are there for a reason. They provide convenient parking for people in order to access areas such as the church and the parish centre. This takes so much stress out of one's task in attending some sort of function.

The problems at Saint Mary's are not confined to Mass times by any stretch. I have heard of people returning home immediately upon their arrival at the Church because of the inability to park in the disabled bays they are entitled to use because of drivers misusing them. This again is shameful and totally unacceptable.

I have heard many an excuse; "I was running late", "I'm only parking here for 2 minutes", "I just have to collect someone". Nowhere near credible and none that would cover in obtaining a permit.

What sanctions are in place for drivers misusing the Disabled Parking Bays?. Could initiatives be put in place? Is it right to do nothing?

I look forward to positive action. I'm sorry to say that I could be waiting for positive inaction from certain car users. Ignorance is not bliss.

Name and address with editor.


Thank You

I had the privilege of attending Mass in St Mary's last Sunday , what beauty greeted one, flowers, colour, fruit, veg. and arranged with such care. May I say thank you to the ladies or gents who went to so much trouble to make harvest so beautiful.

God Bless your hands,
Yours Rita,
Palmerstown , Dublin 20.


Thank You

Heartfelt thanks to Claire Joyce who organised a Coffee Morning in her home on August 27th, for the Stewarts Special School Playground Equipment Appeal.

The wonderful neighbours in Esker Lawns donated €300.

As Pope Francis said in Croke Park:
“Be the Saint next door”.