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23 June 2019
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Our Readers Write......

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No letters will be published unless full contact details (Phone Number / Address), have been submitted with same – not necessarily for publication.


Thank You

Nancy Ryan and family of Hillcrest Park would like to express their sincere thanks to the friends of her husband John who died recently for their donation of six hundred euro which was made in his memory to the Target Lung Cancer Fund in St. James Hospital in memory of John.


Hospice Sunflower Days

On behalf of all those who use Our Lady's Hospice & Care Services, thank you for your generous donations at St. Mary's Church on June 8th and 9th.
The total collected was €1,475.33.

Thanks again for your generosity and support.


Focus Ireland

On behalf of FOCUS Ireland, we would like to thank everyone who generously made donations at our OPEN GARDEN Day Mon 3rd June.
The collection totalled €1,330.

Many people in difficult circumstances will benefit.

We are most grateful.

Joe & Áine Clayton


Repercussions of Local Elections

I would like to thank the Councillors who worked extremely hard in the community but failed to be re-elected. The job can be both challenging and fulfilling and often extends far beyond the regular working hours. For some it also carries an emotional weight and the reality is some hard decisions have to be made. In view of that, I think that the circulation of an email prior to the election, informing the recipients of the names of the counsellors who had voted in favour of a housing project, appears to have achieved the objective. Hardly fair play. I’m sure the counsellors named in this email would have appreciated the opportunity to explain the basis of their decision and maybe some excellent Councillors would be back making a positive contribution in our community. The future is looking decidedly bleak with talk of carbon tax, increase in the property tax and charges relating to water usage. It emerged that the parties who favour these charges were triumphant in the election which makes it inevitable that the charges will be implemented.

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