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17 March 2019
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Our Readers Write......

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Re: Hillcrest Tree Stumps

Reply from South Dublin Council Council
When a tree is felled by the Council, it is not always possible to remove the stump at the same time. In these circumstances a short tree stump is left as a temporary measure. The stump is usually left at around 1m high so that it does not constitute a trip hazard in the intervening period. As outlined in the Councils Tree Management Policy ‘Living with Trees’ tree stumps are placed on a stump removal list and sufficient time needs to elapse to allow breakdown of residual underground root material, the process from removal to replanting may take up to 3-5 years.

Due to problems with the Council's own stump grinder and the lack of availability of a similar machine for hire very few stumps were removed by the Council during 2018. Following a tendering process to purchase a new machine an order has now been placed and delivery is expected at the end of March. It is expected that the remaining tree stumps listed on the 2019 Tree Stump Removal programme, approximately 2,000 in number, will be completed before the end of the current year. While the Council's own crews have not been removing tree stumps in recent times, approximately 300 tree stumps have been removed by the Council's contractor since the start of the year.


Wells for Zoe - The Justice and Peace Group

The gathering, hosted by the Justice and Peace group on Monday night was a wonderful occasion and the large number of people who turned out, on such a bad night, was most unexpected but really appreciated.

We forgot to thank the group and especially Colette and Frank who have been so supportive since 2005. Collette never ceases to amaze me, and her tea and home baked goodies made us all feel at home. Of course Marie is always on hand to make it feel what a real Parish Community can be.

On the night we forgot to mention that we have 52 full time employees, 12 part time, 12 girls in our New Third Level course on Horticulture, Forestry and Enterprise as well as 17 casual labourers, who, at the moment, are planting about 10 hectares of trees on our own land.

Miracle of Miracles this land was donated to us by a chief, in return for help given to his community, in planting forestry and fruit trees. It’s a first, but maybe a beginning.

On the night between the enterprising sale of shamrock and individual donations, 1566.32 will plant over 15,000 trees. 10,000 will be Eucalyptus for poles, which will mature in 5 years and will be worth 45,000 Euro!!

Some of this substantial income will initiate a pension fund for our workers, in a country with no Pensions or Social Welfare of any nature, and then later it may extend to funding for health and education for employees families and who knows what else… But a large portion will be re-invested in trees, a growing fund you might say.

People who know us, remarked afterwards, that we had forgotten to mention that Wells for Zoe is a totally voluntary organisation, where no one gets paid, not even their expenses.
So 100% of ALL donations is delivered, with great care, to the projects in Malawi.

Finally, if anyone has any time or energy to help out in any way, we would love to hear from you.

John and Mary Coyne: