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20 October 2019
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Kellie Sweeney, People Before Profit

Tel: 0858410833
Twitter: @KSweeneyPBP

Youth Services: We have one of the largest youth populations in Europe and a lack of services and facilities for our young people. This means youth are left with nothing to do and nowhere to go. As the population continues to grow services will be needed more than ever.

We need increased funding for the Lucan youth service to cover Adamstown and purpose built facilities for young people to socialise.

Cllr Madeleine Johansson had a motion passed in the council requesting more funding for youth services in Lucan from the Minister for children. And Gino Kenny TD has raised it in the Dail on several occasions.

We are now asking residents to contact the Minister directly to demand increased funding and facilities for young people. She can be emailed at


Cllr Shane Moynihan, Fianna Fail (Palmerstown-Fonthill)

Ph: 087 7840898
Twitter: @shanemoynihan

Dublin Bus: I am meeting Dublin Bus management this week to highlight the need for more capacity on our bus routes in Lucan. Too many commuters are disadvantaged because of the location of their bus stop on the route they use - we need more buses at peak departure times.

Briar Cutting: I was delighted to see that briars in Foxborough and Glenvale which were obstructing footpaths were cut back last week following representations by me. I am following up on the need for briars to be cut back in other estates.

Local Policing: It was wonderful to see such an engaged and energetic attendance at last week's Local Policing Forum. It's clear that there are many challenges in our area, and I called for these public forums to be held more frequently to involve the community more in local policing.


Gino Kenny T.D, People Before Profit

Phone: 01-403007/01-6183816

Assessment of Needs CHO 7: CH0 7 (Community Health Care Organisations) which includes Lucan are the worst affected areas in the country for assessment of needs competition. The assessment of needs is a legally bound directive that gives a six month period of assessment (Disability Act 2005) for a diagnosis and intervention for a child with special needs. These needs could be access to speech and language therapy and other important interventions. In a response to a parliamentary question I submitted CHO (7 which includes Clondalkin, Ballyfermot, Tallaght and Lucan showed there were major delays in treatments. In some cases parents have to wait for years for intervention for their children.


Anne-Marie McNally, Social Democrats

Phone: 086-3754315

By-Election: I am delighted to have been selected by the Dublin Mid-West branch of the Social Democrats to contest the upcoming by-election in Dublin Mid-West. We have a dynamic bunch of people from across the constituency who are out meeting people and working together with our neighbours to try and deliver an optimistic and dynamic politics for the people of Dublin Mid-West. Our campaign will focus on what actually matters in people's lives!

Autism & Disability Services: On Thursday night, Oct 24th in the Bawnogue Community Centre, I will host a meeting which will have presentations from the CEO of AsIAm, Ireland's National Autism Charity and Senator John Dolan, a disability rights activist and member of the disability community. We'll have plenty of time for a Q&A so people can interact on the issues facing them. The meeting will run from 7:30 - 9pm and all are welcome.


John Curran T.D, Fianna Fail

Ph: 01 6183792.
Twitter: @curranjohna

Curran urges early vaccination as bad flu season predicted: With experts predicting a particularly bad flu season this year, I am advising people to get their flu vaccine early. People in at-risk categories are strongly advised to avail of the vaccine and anyone in the at-risk groups who hold a medical card can get the vaccine free of charge at their local pharmacy.

Lucan Primary Care Centre: After following up with the Health Minister in relation to progress on the delivery of a Lucan Primary Health Care Centre. He has informed me that a preferred provider will be selected in Q1 2020. I continue to follow up on the much needed Lucan Primary Health Care Centre


Cllr Paul Gogarty, Independent and Green-minded

Not just at election time
Tel: 087-2752489

Bus service: The 25A bus services continues to be hit and miss with huge queues at certain times of the day both in the city centre and elsewhere. While I welcome one extra 25 service in morning and afternoon the existing service needs a rejig, whatever about Bus Connects. Cllr Tuffy suggested all Councillors meet Dublin Bus together and I support this; meeting due on Tuesday week.

Bins and money back beverages: Have raised the need for more bins in Hermitage Park and bins near the entrance to Ballyowen Park (Balgaddy) as well as elsewhere. Meanwhile the Government, enamoured as it is with the industry-led REPAK scheme, refuses to reintroduce a refundable deposit scheme. Money back bottles and cans would reduce 50% of visible litter overnight.

Celbridge Road (Weston) Tree damage: Have raised this with SDCC.


Councillor Guss O’Connell, PC Independent Community

25 Years Young On the 10th October our County celebrated 25 years. The affair itself was very low key and for me absence in 1991of the public was a huge disappointment. Our own Mayor Casserly did a lovely job. I was first elected to Dublin County Council and to the Belgard Committee from which was to emerge from the New County. However, the next 3 years were to witness many marathon and controversial meetings making the County Development Plan. So, on January 1, 1994 the New County came into being and, glad to say, a new era began with much more responsible, if not yet perfect, planning. Some of us wanted to mark our heritage by naming it Esker, or Moy Life. We lost. The fastest growth rate has been Lucan, the Lucan Esker area alone gone from 3,099 in 1991 to 29,820 today, over 800%. Much has been achieved, but we are only beginning!


Transport Users

Overloading on rail and Luas is a major issue during peak times. The main issue is lack of carriages, most of these trains can have eight carriages. Dart is the only mode of transport that has eight. Mainline rail in some cases, they have as little as four carriages. The success of the Phoenix Tunnel is other example where there is need for more carriages on each train due to the demand. Instead of investing in carriages Authority tried to block the reopening of this tunnel. I have asked the same authority for over ten years to invest in extra train carriages, as there is a waiting time of over five years to get new carriages. They keep saying there is no money, yet they have money for everything else and are always promoting very costly projects Metro Link and bus Connects that are years away if ever. The main cause of this overloading is the Radial System all via the centre. They still refuse to look at a solution to this problem.

T. Newton 086 3127364