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24 September 2023
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Political notes

picture of a ballot box


Politicians please note

Canvassing in any form is not allowed in Lucan Newsletter.
Each candidate in the upcoming 2024 Local Elections will be permitted to announce their candidature just once in their notes to this Newsletter.

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Emer Higgins TD, Fine Gael

Ph. 01 4013416
78 The Orchard, Lucan

Fuel Allowance: The threshold was increased in the last budget, which means that 81,000 more people will be getting the fuel allowance this winter. The current weekly rate of Fuel Allowance is 33 euro (924 euro in total). You can get your Fuel Allowance paid weekly or in 2 lump sum instalments, the first instalment of 462 euro is to be paid on September 25th. Contact my office for a form.

Community Development Grants: Last week 96,447.31 euro was awarded by the council in grants. Well done to successful local groups including Lucan United , Liffey Sound, Lucan Festival, Adamstown Community Badminton Club and Beech Park FC.

INTO - Pre Budget Meeting: This week I met with Lucan representatives of the Irish National Teachers Organisation to discuss their pre-budget submission and support their calls for an increased investment in schools and in mental health supports for children.


Derren O Bradaigh, Sinn Fein

Mobile: 087-2136345

Representing Lucan: Delighted and hugely honoured to have been selected by my fellow party members last week to stand in Lucan as a candidate for next June's local elections. If elected, I will continue to do my very best for everyone in our community.

Hedge Pruning - Griffeen Road: It was with great welcome by many local residents that the hedge and tree pruning works on Griffeen Road have commenced. This is something that I have raised several times in recent months, including making it a priority focus of my own submission as part of the ongoing cycle track upgrades.

Problem Apple Trees - Foxborough: Although councillor representations are not being directly addressed as a result of the now escalated industrial action by council staff, I have highlighted the very problematic annual fruit fall in Foxborough Park and Drive through the public customer care channel. This has made the roads and pavements hazardous.


Gino Kenny TD, People Before Profit

Phone: 085 7211574

Priorities: This week the Dail is back after the summer recess. A number of priorities that People Before Profit will be focusing on in this term will be housing and the ongoing cost of living. Committees in which I'm a member of that will reconvene next week are the Health committee and the Joint Committee on Assisted Dying.

Castletown Demesne: There was a public meeting in Celbridge last week regarding the lands on the Castletown Demesne. Here's a number of key facts, 235 acres were sold this year to a developer. The lands in question are zoned for Open Space Amenity and Green Belt. The OPW attempted to purchase the land but were not successful. There is an ongoing campaign to keep these lands for public use and not for profit.


Cllr Paul Gogarty, Independent and Green-minded

Not just at election time
Tel: 087-2752489

SDCC Draft Litter Management Plan: The deadline has now passed. I made a detailed submission on this which is viewable on my website by typing 'SDCC litter' in the search bar.

Lucan schools: I've done up a comprehensive list of local primary and secondary schools on my website also. This provides maps and contact details for all local and some surrounding schools as well as an update on the current situation regarding new school buildings and correspondence with the Minister for Education. Search under 'Lucan schools'.

Hedges and footpaths: Good to see initial work on clearing some hedges blocking pathways in advance of my motion on Tuesday. Am also raising footpaths and have called for additional funding for these areas along with tree maintenance in preliminary discussions with the acting CEO in advance of the annual SDCC budget process.


Cllr. Shane Moynihan, Fianna Fail

Ph: 087 7840898
Twitter: @shanemoynihan
Instagram: cllrshanemoynihan

Hedge-cutting: I was very pleased to see long overdue hedge trimming take place on Griffeen Road, which I have been requesting for some time. The footpath was unpassable and has now been brought back into use. I have requested that the full length of the road be addressed up to the roundabout. Similar work was completed, following my requests, on the Newcastle road from Maxol to Adamstown. I continue to follow up on other areas which need attention, including the R136 and Castle Road.

Bus service: I have been in constant contact with the NTA about the capacity shortages on the C routes. I was informed this week that from mid-October, additional capacity is proposed on Routes C3 and C4 at specific times to address these issues, including on Saturdays. We need a similar solution for C1 and C2 routes which I will continue to press for.