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21 October 2018
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Cllr. Ed O’Brien - Fianna Fáil

Constituency Office, 8A The Village Centre.
Ph: 01 610 5811. Mob: 087 799 7609
Fianna Fáil Group Leader on South Dublin County Council

Social Housing in Shackleton Estate: I have contacted South Dublin County Council’s housing department to seek clarification about the allocation of social housing in Shackleton estate. I welcome the social housing being delivered by the developer however I am concerned at suggestions that it will not be dispersed throughout the estate in line with best practice.

Planning Enforcement at Ballydowd Grove: I welcome correspondence from the Council’s planning enforcement section confirming they are continuing to take enforcement measures in relation to ongoing planning breaches at the entrance to Ballydowd Grove. I will continue to monitor the situation

Clinics: Clinics continue in my constituency office every evening by appointment.


John Curran T.D. – Fiannal Fáil

Ph: 01 6183792.
Twitter: @curranjohna

Lucan Community College: I am continuing to follow up with the Minister on the issues that are delaying the extension and refurbishment works at Lucan Community College. I am aware that these works continue to be delayed and this is a huge cause of concern to the entire school community at Lucan Community College. I will keep the school up to date on any further developments with this project.

BusConnects: The NTA have confirmed to me that they have received thousands of submissions and that it will take a number of months to work through all of the feedback presented to them and for everything to be considered. Following the completion of that process it is expected that a second public consultation process on a revised network plan will then take place where commuters will get a second chance to have their say.


Cllr. Liona O’Toole - Independent

Esker Meadows: I met residents at their AGM last week and raised the issue of the damaged walls located at the entrance into the estate and the damaged footpaths within the estates that need to be repaired. The council engineer has confirmed to me that the area will be examined.

Special Housing meeting: At this week’s Special Housing meeting I raised the concerns in relation to the delivery of social, affordable and private dwellings in the Adamstown SDZ. The design should ensure evenly dispersed housing throughout the development. To date some developments have not been designed this way and I will be pursuing this further

Griffeen Park Playground: Unfortunately the ‘Troll’ within the playground has once again been badly damaged by a minority of people. I’ve a motion on the agenda for this week’s Lucan Area committee and will discuss the options available.


Cllr Paul Gogarty - Independent

“Not just at election time”
Tel: 087-2752489
Working closely with local "Independent Community Alliance" colleagues Liona O’Toole and Guss O’Connell

Lucan road markings Having pushed for some years for the (imminent) extension of the school time speed restrictions on the road section from Roselawn to Chapel Hill (and highlighted potholes), I welcome the resurfacing works carried out recently along the full stretch. However there are outstanding issues with the location of markings and delays in yellow box repainting. Will keep chasing.

Willsbrook Park review At this month’s Area Committee I’ve a motion tabled looking at further amenity improvement requirements for Willsbrook Park.

Playground vandalism More fires lit at Griffeen Valley Park playground yet management persist in saying that CCTV and fence height will make no difference. Perhaps the proximity of the new pool will make a difference but that won’t be completed until spring 2020 as currently projected.


Cllr Ruth Nolan – Independents 4 Change

Lucan & Palmerstown. Ph: 0868540030

Special Meeting on Housing at South Dublin Co Council: A Motion I tabled at the Special Meeting reads as follows: With house prices and rents in the private sector spiralling out of control, we ask the Minister for Housing to look at extending the income threshold for eligibility for a council home. Increasing the €35,000 threshold for single people to €45,000 for couples to €60,000. We commit to writing to the Minister for Housing. I tabled the motion to make provision for those who are paying over inflated rents and those who can’t get mortgages. Thankfully it passed, with FG and two SF members voting against.

Autumn Leaves Falling: It’s that time of year again when the leaves are plentiful on the paths and and roads. It can be very slippy on paths and roads.


Transport Users

Most of the new traffic ramps being installed throughout Lucan are of a better quality than the previously ones. They do a great job in slowing down traffic causing no damage to vehicles crossing them compared to many of the past ramps, the designers have now got them right. There are a few iron ramps in the new estates in Lucan that are very severe when crossing, this is very hard on people with a disability. I hope these are only a temporary measure and should be replaced as soon as possible with the standard safe ramps.

T. Newton 086 3127364