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21 July 2019
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Cllr Paul Gogarty – Independent and Green-minded

“Not just at election time”
Tel: 087-2752489

Application for apartments at Chapel Hill junction:As mentioned on the neighbouring estates' Facebook page, I am opposing the application for 21 apartments over four storeys on the Hillhouse site (beyond bollards from Pieta House) and would recommend that other local residents and elected reps do likewise. A similar, more sympathetic application may be suited to one or two village sites, but not at this congested location with its various traffic and pedestrian hazards, along with the overlooking of neighbouring dwellings. It is gross over-development of the site. The deadline for submissions on this application (SD19A/0198) is the 28th July.

Plastic in supermarkets and shops: A two-pronged approach is needed to stop single use plastics. 1) to enact legislation banning unnecessary materials and 2) to let retailers know that you will actively seek alternatives.


John Curran T.D. – Fianna Fáil

Ph: 01 6183792.
Twitter: @curranjohna

Lucan Swimming Pool – No doubt I’m not alone in welcoming the news this week that works are commencing in Griffeen Valley Park on the construction of the New Lucan Swimming Pool for Lucan. A huge community effort went into seeing this day arrive and congrats to all.

Scrambler & Quad Bike task force must prioritise New Legislation – After receiving new information this week from Justice Minister, Charlie Flanagan in relation to the illegal use of scrambler and quad bikes; The cross-agency taskforce is currently considering the formal views from the Garda Commissioner on this matter and I am urging them to prioritise legislative change so as to combat this issue and allow Gardaí to seize these bikes.


Transport Users

The campaign for Lucan Luas will begin later this year. In the meantime, we need to get the city centre right for public transport. The city is in a right mess at the moment with long delays to the bus services passing through the centre. This is causing undue hardship to users along the Quays with many bases passing full making public transport unreliable at times. We have put forward a plan to address these difficulties.

A public information evening will be held in Wynn's Abbey St next Tuesday 23rd of July from 4 PM until 8 PM drop in at any time if your passing to see our proposals the Quay Bus Contraflow with an overall plan for the Greater Dublin Area.

T. Newton 086 3127364