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15 July 2018
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Frances Fitzgerald TD – Fine Gael


In-school SLT: 150 schools in our HSE Region will take place in a pilot to provide in-school speech and language (SLT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) services. Lucan will have 15 Preschools, 4 Primary Schools and Lucan Community College taking part during the 2018/19 school year. The pilot will focus on early intervention and providing professional training and guidance, giving parents the tools to help with their children’s communication skills at home and creating better linkages between all relevant supports. This pilot is in addition to existing HSE support services.

Be Safe Online: A new Government resource has been launched to help people stay safe online. This forms part of a broader Action Plan to improve legislation, policy and supports in this area. There is loads of advice for everyone from everyday users, parents and teachers available at


Cllr Paul Gogarty - Independent

“Not just at election time”
Tel: 087-2752489

Litter and dumping: The great work of so many residents and volunteers is being hampered in several parts of Lucan by a small minority who constantly dump domestic refuse along roadways and hedges. I have raised this with the Council and am looking at best practice elsewhere to deal with the problem beyond what I have already called for (increased fines, money back bottles and cans). In the meantime, all offenders need to be reported and witness statements made if necessary. While some may have genuine financial issues, there are other solutions. But we can have no sympathy for the louts who dump and litter because they can.

Bus network review: There is insufficient focus on orbital routes coming from Lucan and particularly the ORR. Clonburris planning begins now!


Cllr Ruth Nolan – Independents 4 Change

Lucan & Palmerstown. Ph: 0868540030

March for Housing: Thanks to everyone locally who came out last Friday to march for housing. South Dublin Co Council will build less than 300 houses this year. This will do nothing to house the people in Lucan who are on the housing list. We need a programme of substantial house building for public and affordable housing. Too many of our people are living in hotels and even hotel rooms are scarce. We need homes not hotels.

Motion to Increase Thresholds on South Dublin Housing List: My motion to increase the threshold to access the housing list in South Dublin will now be heard in September. I am calling for the threshold of €35,000 for a single person to be increased €45.000 and from €42,000 for a couple to €60.000.


Transport Users

The new Bus Connects plan will take a lot of teasing out to ensure its done right. There is a similar flaw in this proposed plan as was in the last one. There are almost ten times more bus users who come into the city at peak time on the Lucan corridor than go to Ringsend, yet the same number of buses will go to Ringsend, this makes no sense at all. This is similar to the waste of sending all the buses up to Merrion Square when more buses were needed in Lucan and Maynooth areas. If these planners can’t see the folly of their actions their judgement must be called to account. It seems to me sending so many buses unnecessary to Ringsend is just a convenience to make their plan work. I have not met anyone so far who wants to go to Ringsend from the Lucan Corridor area.

T. Newton 086 3127364