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26 February 2017
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Cllr Danny O’Brien. Lucan & Palmerstown Sinn Fein.

Direct Contact: 0868570828
TD Eoin O Broin - Constituency Office Lucan Village: 016218653

Weekly Canvas: Lucan & Palmerstown Sinn Fein continues with our weekly canvases. Last Saturday we met with residents in Elmbrook. If we missed you, we left contact information for your attention.

Participatory Budget Scheme: “Your Community, You Decide”. SDCC will pilot its Participatory Budget Scheme for 2017. €300,000 funding is available for projects in the Lucan area. Locals are invited to the launch being held in the Clarion Hotel on 28th February, 7.00pm. All are encouraged to attend, voice opinions and make submissions. Projects will later be selected and residents will be invited to vote on selected ideas. Get involved and influence how best to use this funding to improve our communities.

Keep Informed: For local and national views and updates, click and like Lucan & Palmerstown Sinn Fein Facebook page.


John Curran T.D. – Fiannal Fáil

Ph: 01 6183792.
Twitter: @curranjohna

Lucan Community College - I have called on the Minister for Education Richard Bruton to urgently move to deliver the much needed extension at Lucan Community College.
I have been raising this issue with the Minister since April 2016, where the then Minister informed me that the project was to proceed to construction in 2016.
However, delivery and completion of the extension work is now stuck and making no progress past the very early stage of Architectural Planning Process (Stage 2A).
The most recent reply from Minister Bruton does not give a date for approval to proceed to the next stage never mind a date for completion let alone opening. This is very worrying for the entire school community at Lucan Community College.

ESB Networks are recruiting electrical apprentices during March/April 2017. For more information visit:


Cllr Paul Gogarty – Independent Community Alliance

Not just at election time
Tel: 087-2752489.

On-street car sharing services: I’ve been contacted by a number of people wondering why such a service is not provided in Lucan. In fact one of the market leading companies has already approached SDCC but did not get a response as of yet. So I’ve tabled a motion asking for this to be facilitated, particularly with electric vehicles, as some people choose not to have a car/second car or can’t afford to run one, but would like to have the option when necessary.

Participatory democracy: Independent Councillors, including Mayor Guss O’Connell, Cllr Liona O’Toole and I were instrumental in getting the pilot scheme up and running whereby citizens can vote on how to spend a discretionary €300,000 in their area. Lucan was selected as the first option and there will be public meetings on same. Myself and others will update shortly.


Gino Kenny T.D, People Before Profit

Phone: 01-403007/01-6183816
Email –

Lucan Community College - I am disappointed to discover that there have been delays to the building project in Lucan Community College. This much needed expansion is needed to keep up with demand for increased enrolment. I have been contacted by many people involved in the school community to express their disappointment regarding the delays. I have put a question to Minster Bruton asking for clarification on the delays and an expected timeframe for completion. I have insisted that this is a matter of urgency that must be dealt with.

Pensions -As a member of the committee of Social Protection I am deeply concerned about the discrimination against women who raised their families before 1994, who are losing pension contributions. There is a huge equality issue with Budget 2012 that is affecting women now coming to pension age.


Cllr. Ed O’Brien - Fianna Fáil

Constituency Office 9/10 The Village Centre, Lucan.
Ph: 610 5811. Mob: 087 799 7609
Deputy Leader Fianna Fáil Group on South Dublin County Council.

LCC Extension: I am very disappointed with the response from Minister Bruton in relation to this ongoing issue. No clarity has been offered by his department in relation to when this extension will progress and I have asked my colleague John Curran TD to address the matter directly with the Minister in Dail Eireann.

Christmas Lights: I have met with a number of groups since the turn of the year to establish a working group to provide Christmas lights in Lucan for Christmas 2017. If you would like to discuss this with me please contact me as I will be putting proposals to South Dublin County Council in the coming weeks to ensure action is taken.


Minister Frances Fitzgerald TD, Tánaiste, Minister for Justice and Equality. Fine Gael

457 7712

Tandy’s Lane: Tandy’s Lane will be closed Saturday 25th March (5am to 12 noon) for a clean-up of dumping. A reminder that residents can report any dumping to 1850 365 121

Employment Figures: Figures released this week show employment is now at its highest level since 2008. 206,000 more people are now working since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs in Feb 2012. Statistics can seem meaningless but this has a real impact for communities, as every job created has a positive effect for local families, businesses and services.

Shop Front Grant Scheme: The Council recently launched the Shopfront Grant Scheme to help owners improve the appearance of shop fronts. Grants are available for a wide range of works including painting, replacing signage or even replacing etc. Closing date: 31th of March.


Cllr. William Lavelle – Fine Gael

Fine Gael Leader on SDCC, Chairman of SDCC Planning & Transport Committee
36 St. Andrews Drive, Lucan

West Dublin Traffic: Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly known as the National Roads Authority) have published a new report recommending building a new orbital road to the West of Lucan to link the N7 to N4 with a possible onward link to the N3. Such a new road would take traffic away from Lucan Village, Newcastle Road and Outer Ring Road. Obviously any new Liffey crossing would require careful environmental consideration. Government funding would be required. I would be interested in your views on this matter!

Woodies Bridge: I accept the valid local concerns in relation to proposals by council engineers to remove the right-turn onto the N4 westbound. Councillors have requested new traffic counts.

Air Quality: I have written to the EPA in relation to testing in the Lucan area.


Cllr. Liona O’Toole Independent

Chair of Lucan/Palmerstown Area Committee

Lucan Sarsfields GAA: I would like to thank the chairperson of Lucan Sarsfield GAA for the opportunity to engage on matters relating to the club and to officially meet the new committee to discuss the Club 2020 Strategy. As a family member of the club I look forward to continue supporting the club over the next few years ensuring facilities are provided as the club continue to grow.

€300K, Have your Say on how it is spent! As a member of the Community Alliance I’m delighted to inform you that following the Community Alliance Budget submission we achieved the introduction of a Participatory Budget for 2017. This is the first time in South Dublin County Council. Lucan has been selected for 2017 and the launch takes place this Tuesday 28th in Clarion Hotel.


Cllr. Ruth Nolan, Independents4Change

Phone 0868540030

Fair Deal Scheme: At this month’s Council meeting I had a motion passed to extend the Fair Deal scheme to people who want to stay in their own homes. The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, also known as the “Fair Deal”, provides financial support to people who need long-term nursing home care. The scheme is operated by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Under this scheme, you make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State pays the balance.

Tesco Strike: There are twenty Tesco shops on strike at the moment. Tesco’s are trying to axe the contracts of staff who are working there pre 1996. Tesco Ireland reported profits of €2.5 billion last year. Please do not pass the pickets and support the staff, in a strike that is totally justified.


Transport Users

Lucan people who use their car for work in the city area or just beyond the centre will find it very difficult to reach their destination or car park when the new traffic restrictions for Cross City Luas come into force at the end of August. These traffic restrictions hit people harder where the bus is not suitable for them or people with a disability. One lane should be left for the car until this transport Luas link beds down and suitable alternatives are worked out. The hard hit motorist put up with a lot of inconvenience over the past five years. All options should be looked at to be fair to all users. We need a short link of Luas from Fatima to Stephens Green to make this possible.
T. Newton 086 3127364