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18 November 2018
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Political notes

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Politicians please note

Due to pressure of space, each representative is limited to 150 words in their report (including name and contact details).
Please keep reports relevant to Lucan
Please note: Wednesday 10pm is the weekly deadline.


Cllr Paul Gogarty - Independent

“Not just at election time”
Tel: 087-2752489

Traffic calming: The 2019 schedule has been published under the new criteria whereby residents’ associations make requests or individual roads request with petitions signed by residents. This is to ensure full agreement.

Footpaths: Schedule is being finalised and hopefully with the budget completed there will be scope for further estate additions.

Electric cars – the future is now: If your car needs changing shortly, I wholeheartedly recommend going fully electric, new or second hand. There are vehicles to suit every range requirement and great value if you are largely Dublin-based. It’s good for our environment but especially for your pocket. We have saved an average of €1,200 a year in fuel costs per annum by driving an EV.

Bin emptying: Have raised the issue of certain bins being left for months without collection for the upcoming Area Committee.


Gino Kenny T.D, People Before Profit

Phone: 01-403007/01-6183816
Email –

Medicinal Cannabis Bill: Last week I held a very important briefing to TD’s and Senators in regards to the latest information on the legislation around the regulation and medical and legal access to medicinal cannabis. We were joined by parents from Britain who have themselves been campaigning for policy change by the British government. That change came on the 1st November were doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. Unfortunately in this country the legislative change that is needed is still be stalled by the government after nearly two years since been introduced in the Dail. Without changing the law around the prescribing of medical cannabis there will be continued ambiguity and confusion for patients and medical practitioners.


John Curran T.D. – Fiannal Fáil

Ph: 01 6183792.
Twitter: @curranjohna

Lucan Swimming Pool Update: SDCC has confirmed that works could begin this January on the New Lucan Swimming Pool that is to be located in Griffeen Valley Park in Lucan. The Council have said: The closing date for the main contractor's stage 2 tender for the Lucan Swimming Pool was September 24, these tenders are currently being assessed. There is an additional tendering process for the associated specialist contracts and this should be completed by November 2018. A report will then be submitted to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for approval to proceed with the appointment of the contractors to move the project on to the construction phase. It is envisaged that the project build will commence in January 2019. I will continue to follow up on the progress of this exciting and important development in Lucan.


Cllr. Liona O’Toole - Independent

Lucan Ramp Locations 2019: Below is a list of proposals for ramps in Lucan area. Thanks to all those that have contacted me. You can submit your comments at Public Consulation stage, details to follow:
Three at Griffeen Glen Drive.
Two at Moy Glass View, One at Moy Glass Road/One at Moy Glass Glen.
One at Tullyhall Green One at Tullyhall Mews and one at Tully Hall Close.
Two sets of Bus Cushions on Griffeen Road at Griffeen Valley School.
Two at the Old Forge.
One at Hansted Crescent.
Three at Larkfield Avenue .
Three on Hillcrest Heights.
Three on Mount Andrew Dale. One on Mount Andrew Avenue.
One on Haydens Park Drive.

Lucan Harriers Track: Delighted to report that construction work has restarted on the track, thanks to all those that have contacted me on this I will continue to monitor progress.


Transport Users

I got a good idea from a Lucan Village resident to reduce the high volume of traffic going through the village every day. He wants the toll booth relocated between the Blanchardstown and Finglas junctions. Most of the traffic going through Lucan Village is going to Blanchardstown Industrial estate and the traffic for the same industrial estate from the north side could branch off at Finglas as it is very near the same Industrial estate. This would allow both areas access Blanchardstown avoiding the toll booth. This would reduce traffic through Lucan Village as they would use the M50 with no toll charge.

T. Newton 086 3127364