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By Anita O'Kearney

I know you are tired
I know you are sad
The corona is still with us
It's completely mad

I know you stare out windows
Cups of cold tea in hand
I know the landscape has changed
It's a very different land

I know the news it hurts you
I know you lie awake
You cannot see the future
But you must for the children's sake

I know you feel nostalgic
For the things once was
I know you want to get out
But not break any laws

They say there may be a second wave
I pray to God there won't
I pray you will find hope some day
I say this but you don't

Don't look back in sadness
What's been has been and gone
Look forward to the future
Sing your heart a different song

For life was always like this
It's just another day
We lived through wars and famine
We always found our way

Don't live inside your mind, this day
Look beyond the window pane
And tell yourself every now and then
Very soon it will be ok

I know it will take practice
To feel a sense of hope
Don't dig yourself down deeper
Don't be a bleedin' dope

Looking back won't help you
It will only make you sad
Look forward to the future
It really isn't all bad