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15 July 2018
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Enjoying some down time……….

It’s that time of year when many people take a holiday. For some that will mean a flight to some far way place where the sunshine is guaranteed ‘and the living is easy’ as the song says.

For others it might mean a trip to a home place where childhood memories are still alive and reunions with old friends will feature large. Even if it’s a staycation, the fact that we have ‘down time’ is both welcome and important.

For those with young children there is the welcome break from the routing of school days and activities, although I suspect that for many parents a return to the routine is a welcome prospect come September. Boredom can set in so easily for children, and a return to routine can be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s amazing how we regroup, so to speak, at holiday time. Stepping out of the routine we have an opportunity to unwind, relax and replenish the batteries. This summer has been special thanks to the wonderful spell of weather we have enjoyed – but, I suspect that many of us have a deep down secret longing for a few good old summer showers; the gardens are certainly in need of them! But while it lasts let’s enjoy it.


The Warmth of Summer Sun

Under the warmth
of the summer sun
the world awakes and blossoms
into every imaginable colour.

You created a garden for us to enjoy
and within it planted
the most magical of flower and trees.

You needed no horticultural training
to plan your colour scheme,
no gardening expert
to recommend variety or design.

Your garden is perfect
its colours harmonious
its scale immense
spoilt only by the clumsiness
of those who tend it.

Creator God
who breathed this world into being
who is discernible within
the harmony of nature,
the perfection of a butterfly's wing,
the grandeur of a mountain range,
and the soaring eagle and humming bird,
thank you for this world which you have created.
Thank you for summer sun
which reminds us
that your creative breath
is still alive and active.
Thank you for the warmth of your love
Sustaining this world:
your garden.

(Author unknown)

Enjoy your summer

Fr. Philip Curran