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Down Survey Maps

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The Down Survey Maps from the 1600s are now available for all to see! Trinity College have been working on these maps for some years and now have a very comprehensive website with several layers of interesting facts.

Log on to: and you’ll find a wealth of information at your finger tips. To find out about the Lucan area, follow instructions by Selecting:
County - Dublin
Barony – Newcastle, Dublin
Parish – Adery and Lucan

There you will find a map of Lucan from 1670. Lucan House (castle) and bridge, and St. Katherine’s buildings are easily identifiable.

Thanks to the involvement of Google Maps, further exploration of the site with a click of a button will outline the 17th century roads of the area, and similarly the 1890 Ordinance Survey is accommodated.

By clicking on the various town lands of Lucan eg Esker South, Esker North, Ballyowen, Lucan and Pettycannon, Glebe, Dodsborough, Laraghcon, Coldblow, Westmanstown, Hermitage, Woodville and St. Edmondsbury, you can find out who the owners were in 1641 and in 1670, and whether they were Catholic or Protestant.

In many cases the area of land, and the number of people whether they be Irish or English is also available.

When you think about it, this takes us back to the days of Cromwell and the Commonwealth when many forfeited their estates.

All in all, this site is a brilliant facility, thanks to modern technology and very clever people. Well worth a look!