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Hermitage War Hospital

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– where Hermitage Golf Club is today!

Hermitage War Hospital

This notice appeared in The Irish Times on Saturday 1st September1917.

Horse Jumping Competitions were to be held at Lucan Demesne – most likely the grassed area to the front of Lucan House.

“The programme has been framed on elaborate lines, the in connection with which they are being held, close next prize money amounting to over 250, while, in addition to a massive silver cup for the open event, the gift of Lord Wimbourne, a number of other cups have been presented.”

Lord Wimbourne was the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland at the time.

Hermitage’s old wooden clubhouse was leased to the British Pensions Office by the owner, Mr. Crozier, to be used as a place of rest for some war wounded - it was referred to as ‘the only shell-shock hospital in the country’. It operated as such for some years after the war until all the soldiers had left. This particular building was demolished in the 1930s.

Hermitage War Hospital

A cloth which came from Hermitage Hospital – never finished, it is the early stages of a commemorative piece for the Battles of Ypres, Arras, Loose and the Somme, for Royal Warwicks.

I am not aware of any Lucan men being treated there, but some local people found employment throughout the years of occupation.

Mary Mulhall