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British Pathe News

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Remember how long ago, when you went to the pictures, Pathe News would show films of events from all around the world!

Well, radio listener, Eddy Byrne from Hillcrest picked up a little nugget of information from Tom Dunnes Radio show on Newstalk during the week, and sent it our way.

By following the link below, you will find all sorts of treasures.

I found 3 pieces of Lucan film on the site:
1) Dublin Camera Club on a visit to Lucan Demesne back in 1921 all around the weir area.
2) The Lucan Pony Show in 1923 not sure, but it may well be in the grounds of Lucan House or up Primrose Lane.
3) Irish Ladies Close Championship at Hermitage 1921.

The quality on all of the above is superb, and wait till you see the fashions of the day!

There are lots of links on the site, leading to items such as the Congo years, the Eucharistic Congress, several Croke Park games and other functions, Dublin in the 1960s and lots, lots more.

Big thank you to Eddy for bringing the site to our attention. It's great when we have our readers working for us in all these diverse fields!