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The Tandys of Dodsboro

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In May 2011, two direct descendants of George and Isabella Tandy (of Dodsboro and Tandy's Lane fame), came to Lucan to see the place of their ancestors.

Marissa Baum and her mother Cheryl Cementina, from California, spent some time in Lucan as part of their Irish holiday. Marissa herself was here a couple of years ago while studying in Italy. So impressed was the young lady that she decided to bring her Mum on holiday to Ireland, making a very special visit to Lucan.

George and Isabella Tandy lived at Rose Cottage, Dodsboro (just beside McDonalds, where the former Chinese restaurant was until recently).

Tandys of Dodsboro

Marissa and Cheryl at the old Tandy home in Dodsboro

A renowned ancestor of theirs was Napper Tandy of United Irishmen fame.
Remember the lines from the song The Wearin' of the Green!
I met with Napper Tandy, and he took me by the hand,
Said he "How is old Ireland and how does she stand?"
'Tis the most distressful country I ever yet have seen,
They're hangin' men and women for the wearin' of the green

Tandys of Dodsboro

Above is an advertisement from the Freemans Journal, from March 1770, when James Napper Tandy was setting a house in Lucan. This property could well have been Rose Cottage it was certainly a building in that immediate area.

The Tandys were a farming family, owning several houses and most of the land in Dodsboro, the old road through this area known as Tandy's Lane.

Several of George Tandy's children emigrated:
Three sons George, John and Michael to the US during the Californian Gold Rush era 1840/50s.
Two daughters Katie and Mary became Sisters of Mercy in New South Wales.
Alicia married Patrick Leonard of Esker their daughter was Bella Leonard who owned the field where Brookvale is now.
Bridget stayed in the family home at Dodsboro she shows on the 1911 census, along with a niece who was born in California, and came back to live in Lucan.

Tandys of Dodsboro

The ladies were delighted to come across a road sign bearing the family name!

George and Isabella Tandy, who died in 1869 and 1877 respectively, are buried at St. Mary's in Lucan, along with two of their daughters Susan and Isabella who died young. The headstone is the first in the back car park nearest the church door.

Tandys of Dodsboro


Tandys of Dodsboro

The Tandy stone, which is inscribed on both sides names and dates are on the side facing the wall.

These days we are not aware of any Tandy descendants in the Lucan area, but there are many in the US, especially in the Yolo County area of California, many with distinguished military careers.

Tandys of Dodsboro

George Tandy's grandson, Joseph Tandy (1872 1957), son of John Tandy who emigrated to America in 1851.

Marissa and Cheryl enjoyed their visit to Lucan. As well as seeing Dublin, they visited Cork, Kerry and Galway before returning to the states. It was a pleasure to meet them, and I look forward to their return sometime in the future.

Mary Mulhall