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1993 – Lucan 20 years ago…….

Looking back in the old issues of Lucan Newsletter over the past few weeks has thrown up some great gems; its hard to believe the length of time elapsed since some events. This week we go back just 20 years, but we found a few more gems.

Planning and Development
This was top of the agenda throughout 1993.
In January, Dublin County Council met to form a Development Plan in relation to Lucan.
Proposed rezoning included tracts of land at Airlie Stud, St. Edmundsbury, Laraghcon, Finnstown and Tobarmaclogg, much to the annoyance of locals.
Later in the year, rezoning of lands at Esker came on the horizon.

Lucan Planning Council and the newly formed Liffey Valley Committee did their best trying to have some of the decisions reversed. Protection of the Liffey Valley was very important.

Laraghcon proved a very thorny issue and there were numerous letters and reports on what our Lucan Councillors did or did not do at meetings. It seems that this development was proposed by 4 Councillors from Castleknock – these were the days before Dublin County Council divided Lucan between Fingal and South Dublin County Councils!

There was an amendment to the planning application for St. Eds - for 80 acres of St. Eds and Woodville for residential use, and 250 acres of riverbank and parkland but this was still rejected, bringing development on that site to an end.

By June, Dublin County Council's Draft Development Plan was on display – rezoning 400 acres in Lucan for residential use.

Letters to the Editor - There were numerous letters for and against the proposed developments all throughout the year – both from locals and politicians.

Planning Applications were also made for:
Further development of the Superquinn site.
The Rectory, Chapel Hill, for 29 2 x storey dwellings, and demolition of the existing Rectory.
Construction of the Leixlip Bye-pass was underway.
Dublin County Council agreed to provide a Skateboard Club site at Griffeen Valley Park.
A Design and Cost Plan was prepared for Lucan Library. We had a Mobile Library at the time.
It was lamented that the old Chapel Hill and its community were disappearing with new build and businesses on site.

Politicians reporting in Lucan Newsletter
Cllr. Finbarr Hanrahan (FF)
Cllr. Peter Brady (FG)
Liam Lawlor TD (FF)
Joan Burton TD (Lab)
Austin Currie (FG)

Summer Time
"Summer was short – almost non-existent"
was the heading of one of our Editorials!
"Wet, Wet, Wet" said another – referring to the floods of 11/12 June, when the village was destroyed by the floodwaters of the Liffey and Griffeen.
The new Adventure Centre on Tinkers Hill was ready for the summer season.
Nexus Reconciliation Centre in Primrose Lane was opened by President Mary Robinson. The centre was run by the Presbyterian Church and catered for young people from both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland.
It was noted that the Bird Boxes, which mysteriously appeared around the village the previous year, now housed Blue Tits, Starling and House Sparrows.

Lucan Community Council 1993 – 88 people attended the A.G.M. and Lilian Harris was re-elected as Chairperson.
Much of their focus was on the planning and development of Lucan, but through their Tidy Towns group, they kept Lucan spick and span, and planted hundreds of daffodils that year. They also painted the balustrades of the Liffey Bridge.
A Rose Festival was organised and the Lucan Rose was Beverley Doyle.
It was the year that Lucan Community Council Chairperson – Lilian Harris visited Lucan Ontario, and invited their representatives to make a visit to our Lucan the following year.

Lucan St. Patrick's Day Parade
The annual parade was now well established proving a great hit with locals. At this time the review stand was in front of the Muintir na Tire Hall.

Red Cross
The Lucan Branch was busy organising the Bosnian Appeal in this area. Remember the hundreds of refugees arriving in Ireland from the war-torn Yugoslavia!

The Foxhunter Junction
There were forever accidents at the Foxhunter junction. We carried a letter on the dangers of this site, and between printing and the Newsletter going on sale, there had been a very serious accident.

1993 was the Year of the Older Person

Lucan BNS took part in The School Around the Corner in November – hosted by the late Gerry Ryan.
The West County Musical Society produced Guys and Dolls in the Rupert Guinness Theatre.
The Canticle of St. Mary performed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.
If music was your thing, there were two groups in the area - Lucan Concert Band and the Liffey Valley Orchestra.
Lucan Goldstar Twirlers were the local Majorettes.
Lucan Drama produced Play On in the Spa Hotel, and also in pantomime – The Magic Mountain of Lucan, in Lucan Community College.

All just 20 years ago – how time flies!

Mary Mulhall