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Lucan Community Council of old

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lucan community council

We recently came across this photo from days gone by.

It was taken on the steps of Lucan House, on the occasion of the visit of a delegation from Lucan, Ontario.

The flag is the flag of our Canadian friends many of our newer readers will not know that Lucan, Ontario, is named after our own Lucan!

The gentleman on the right, holding the flag is the late Denis Gilligan. Among those in the background are Mrs. Tansey (former Postmistress), Maureen Gilligan, Tommy McCabe and Mr. Tansey. Though the faces look familiar, the names of the others escape me. The picture might have been taken in the early '90s. The memory is not what it used to be!

Nevertheless, the event brings to mind the great importance of the former Lucan Community Council. If you would like to see it revived, go to the meeting in Kenny's on Monday next 18th January .

Also, if anyone can name all the faces, please contact
Thank you to Peter Brady for sending us the picture.

(Answers next week)