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ICA Outing 1975

1975 summer outing

This happy group were pictured while awaiting the bus for their Summer outing many years ago. Sad to say though we recognise the faces, we can't quite put names on many of them.

The three ladies sitting at the very front are l-r: the late Molly Somers, Phil Burchael who is still very actively involved with group, and the late Josie Ennis from Weir View.
The lady 5th from right, behind Josie Ennis, is Mary McCormack from Weir View

Somehow, a gentleman got into that group! There he is sitting among all the ladies – Cé hé?
No doubt there's a good story behind this.

The picture was taken in the old Bus Shelter, which was just across the road from the Muintir na Tire Hall, at the Village Green, and as you can see, graffiti was around Lucan even back then.

ica night out

This photo of some of the ladies is from more or less the same era.
l-r: Mrs. Roberts, Anne Murray, Phil Burchael, Breda Keegan, unknown, Agnes Dignam and unknown.

If anyone can supply names for either pictures, we'll be glad to add them to our archives. It makes the case again for putting names with photos when they are new.

Many thanks to Nicholas Ennis for the top photo, and to Rhona Gilbert for the second picture.

We welcome any interesting old photos, which may be out there – they will be scanned and returned immediately to their owner. mm