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Spa Rovers 1930s with Little Joe

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lucan utd 1930s

Top L-R: Jer Kelly, Sean Graham, Tom Giltrap, Tom Dignam, Sonny McGovern, James Graham, Joe Murray, Sam Thornbury, John Moore, Hugh Dignam, Pat Murray, George Behan, Willie Murray, Mick Gannon.
Bottom L-R:John Gannon, Mutt Ennis, John Kane, John McDermott, Pa Hall, and in front is Joe Dignam.

Great picture of a Lucan team from about 80 years ago!

I'm sure all the names will ring a bell with old Lucanians, and who will no doubt recall stories about several of the characters on the team.

One of particular note, right at the front, is Joe Dignam. Probably not politically correct by today's standards, but as a small child, I never knew him by any name other than Little Joe! He was a jolly friendly little man, always around the village, making small talk with everyone, and keeping an eye on everyone and everything.

Joe was involved in all aspects of the community. He will be particularly remembered as a great fundraiser for the local schools. Joe would always top the ticket-sellers list no matter what it was. His name appears frequently in old editions of Lucan Newsletters for having winners in the weekly Non-Stop Draw, which raised money for the primary schools, and when it came to raising funds for the new St. Joseph's School, and Coláiste Phádraig, he didn't shy away either, taking part in sponsored walks and the likes.

lucan utd 1930s

Above: Mungy (George) Behan, was in goals for the local team at one time. He is in the top picture - third from right at the back.

Big Thank you to Declan Martin and Triona Walsh for putting the team photo our way, and to John Dobbs for the picture of Mungy.

Mary Mulhall