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Lukan Luks Luvly

Lukan Luks Luvly

That's what they were saying in the early 1940s, and we all thought 'Text-speak' only arrived in the last few years!

The photo is of Rosie Eiffe (my mother) who worked in O'Neill's Shop - where the estate agents is close to Carey's Newsagents.

On a couple of occasions recently, I have heard people talk about 'branding' Lucan, and more than once someone has referred to the old catchphrase, not knowing its origins. They were more than a little surprised to learn that it was not Lucan Looks Lovely but Lukan Luks Luvly!

The proof is in the poster hanging in O'Neill's Shop when a Dance was announced in the Lucania Hall, Lucan on Shrove Tuesday, 17th February 1942 the last dance before Easter!
Miss Sheila Dunne and her Band provided the music and dancing was from 8 12 with a bus available after the dance.
Admission was 2/-.

The top shelf displays boxes of chocolates, and beneath it Gold Flake cigarettes are on display. The lower shelf, just at eye level for all the kids, has jars of Honey Bee and Boiled Sweets. Clipper and Clarnico are other brands.

To save people's blushes, the 'No Credit' sign is clearly displayed.

They were definitely ahead of their time with the slogan!
Mary Mulhall.