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The Miss Malones of Hillsborough

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Delia Ogston from Merseyside recently got in contact with us and shared her memories and photos of the Miss Malones who lived at Hillsborough House, on Stanford’s Hill up to the mid-1960s. The entrance is just at the bottom of Weir View where the palisade fencing is now.

Delia’s family knew the Malones through their dealings with greyhounds.

The Malones left Lucan in the mid-60s, moving to Mount Merrion. Hillsborough House is still standing, but is now part of the Laraghcon Development.

Delia also recalls the Condron family at the 12th Lock, through a Mrs. Dowling, who also had greyhounds at the pub there.

Can any reader tell us if the pub at the 12th Lock was once called “The Fox’s Head”!

Miss Malones

Above: Moya Malone inspecting her roses at Hillsborough.
Below: Agnes with her greyhounds in the yard at the back of the house.

Miss Malones


Miss Malones

Above: A young Delia with Moya.

Thank you to Delia for putting these photos our way – part of Lucan's past!

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