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Lucan, Minnesota

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People from Lucan Minnesota visited our own Lucan on Monday 18th April and met with me in St Mary's Church before commencing a walk around the Village.

Lucan in Minnesota has a population of 220 and officially got Town status in 1902. It's not known how it got its name but there are 2 stories.........the first is that someone from here (Lucan Dublin) suggested the name and the second is that a railroad supervisor called Lou is the culprit. When the railroad was being built it was the practice for the supervisor to name the towns they passed through and apparently during a meeting someone after much debate shouted that if anyone can name the town Lou can. The residents pronounce LUCAN as LOUCAN.

The town has its own Bank (the State Bank of Lucan). Alice Thull's Father and Uncle started it in 1936 and currently Ray is the President. There is also a Micro Brewery called Brau Bros.

The town has its own St Patrick's Day Parade, which was first organised by their Joe Dolan and recently celebrated 25 years.

Our American visitors spent over 5 hours walking the Village with me and I pointed out the various sights and items of historical interest of which they had some knowledge as they had for some time a copy of Treasures of Lucan. Ray and his wife Alice are members of their local chapter of the Lions and on Tuesday evening they met with Lucan Lions in the Spa Hotel to exchange views.

Various items of memorabilia were exchanged between us, and the Minnesota items will be displayed in the Historical Exhibition during Festival week.

It is hoped to continue and expand contacts between the two Lucans.

Joe Byrne
Chairman Lucan Festival