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To have everything & Saw

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I saw the posh lady take her flight
to warmer climes and starry nights
A suitcase packed with clothes unworn,
that'll be us I could have sworn

I saw that couple who bought the house,
the one I used to dream about

I saw the man who drove the big car,
of course the price, a stretch too far

I saw their names up in lights
Those celebrity types who fly their kites

I saw and wondered why not me,
I'm a decent oul soul can't you see

A wondrous hope of dreams unfulfilled,
journeying back from adult to a kid

I saw but waited for God's reply
He was not angry, I wondered why

For longing has it's drawbacks too
Wishing for trinkets shiny and new

This habit of wanting broken just once for it always returns tomorrow
Someone else's life on hold, opportunities to borrow

I have my family, my health, my faith
I have much more and yet I wait

I'm thinking now, to have everything and see,
is most probably just the Divil, toying with me.

By Anita O Kearney