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Bury me in Esker

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A soulless place yet full of souls
Of those who’ve gone before
Of Jack and Mary, Kate and Pat
Whacker, Nobby and Old Joe.
They’ve all departed yesteryear
Interred on Esker Hill.
I heard the pride rise from their voice
As they told me of their wish,
They said
Bury me in Esker
Beside my friends and foes
A resting place that soothes and calms
Those family left behind.
I know that when they visit there
Our graves will be kept well
With primrose, daffs, bluebells and ferns
Daisies, buttercups as well
I need not worry about weeds
Encroaching on our graves
Or that the verges, lawns and trims
Will fall into disrepair.
I know because I witness
How they keep the village clean,
The approaches and the lane ways
The Liffey and Griffeen.
The scent from lilac bushes
Lavender growing wild
The roses that entwine and spin
Right around my heart.
Bury me in Esker
So I can witness still the care and respect
Shown to all,
Right down the centuries.

Mgm 21/6/2010
Written after listening to the pain of family tending the graves of their loved ones. Please get on to South Dublin Co Council and get Esker graveyard put to rights. No other graveyard would appear to be so overgrown!