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Flooded Liffey Walk Christmas 2015

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by Benny

Expecting rain I grabbed my stick and headed out well hooded
I reached my spot to have a rest and found the walkway flooded
My seat awash and out of bounds I paused to have a wonder
Would I walk in and splash around and pretend I was much younger

I retained my sense and headed on with water in my shoes
The Liffey gushed, the young ducks rushed, on the pathway water oozed
The air was clear, the wind was soft, as I listened to the woodland whisper
I crossed the bridge and took a breath as the atmosphere got crisper

In the Kildare fields the rain was light, the cows hugged the ditch for cover
In the one large rock above the flow I watched the Heron hover
Coiled to strike an unsuspecting prey he briefly glanced my way
With his plumage of grey and his formidable bill he sat there in the spray

I turned for home walking through the trees as the squirrels searched for fare
Nuts and berries, acorns and flowers, an abundance of them there
On the Clonee road a tractor roared as a farmer sowed seed for tillage
Down the hill I walked, to myself I thought, until I reached the Lucan village

It was just mid morn after a week of storm as the village went to pray
I watched the villagers, young and old, as they went about their day
In Lynch's store, for seventy five years or more, they've served us all with care
I wandered in and said hello and bought my breakfast fare

At Christmas time we look for cheer, with presents to deliver
I got my peace and happiness as I walked the Liffey River