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'I Was Just Thinking'

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It's a phrase I often used as himself and I sat in the shade in our lovely back garden.

His first reaction was always 'what do you want now?'

Of course I wanted to move this, try this or get rid of this. Happily we could both come together to combine vegetable growing with flowers.

Now four years on, he has departed this life and our back garden. I still sit and think and wonder what he would say about the alterations.

In his border of cabbage, I have buxus. Gone are the tubs of runner beans, peppers and tomatoes. I just grow flowers from seed and enjoy the wonders of nature at work.

In this heatwave I took to putting out a tray of water for the birds on the lawn. What a joy to watch them duckin' and divin' from the smallest to the greatest is fascinating.

But I have a faithful pigeon each day who comes to my trough. Don't know if it's a he or she. I want to say it's a she for no other reason only that she's there around 11 o'clock each morning, meaning she may have been up all night with the babies and himself tells her to go off and have a make-over in Mary's garden!

While she's sitting there wallowing, splashing and preening, other birds approach seeking a beak full of water or to refresh their feathers.

Her reaction is not to deny them access but to say there's room for two more. Some take the risk like the blackbird and the starling but not the thrush. When the crows swoop down she's gone home refreshed to see to lunch!

There's so much joy in observing nature. It's all around us. It creates thought, silence, memories, wonder, hope and it's free.

There is Heaven in your own back garden.

Mary M