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Just a Breath Away

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Dear Bella

Looking at you smile
Reminds me of your Mum and Dad
Sitting across from me at our kitchen table
Their smiles lighting up our room
Our conversation so lively and engaging
That we almost forgot to eat the goodies set out on the kitchen table.

Feasting my eyes on you
I note your smile
A smile masking the courage and bravery you bore
To face each day as it challenged
You to go about life as though
You hadnít a care in the world
A world made possible
By the love that surrounded you,
A love that you returned over and over and over again.

We may not have met in person
But my knowledge of you is gleaned
From family members
Who shared happy times with you
On their visits from faraway places
When kicking ball with Joe
Or laughing and giggling with you, Carol and Ped
Gave them sustenance to counteract
Cold days of homesickness,
Homesickness that does not respect time or place.

You donít necessarily have to meet in person
To know someone
For the warmth of your person
Radiates from the core of your mother, father, brother
Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
A warmth that reflects the goodness and wisdom
You bestowed and will continue to bestow
On all your family and friends,
For you are just a breath away.

Mgm 23 June 2018