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Liffey Valley

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Circle around and around and around,
Search for a space, none to be found,
Smiled at a lady but she only frowned,
Have to run, now going to get drowned.

Stroll up and down up and down again,
Mannequins stare out at me staring in,
Rummage in the bookshop bargain bin,
Read how to look cool, how to stay thin.

She’s looking at shoes in a fancy store,
Fits on a few and then a few more,
She takes a five but she’ll buy a four,
Then change her mind outside the door.

Recline on a bench, weave a daydream,
Crowds swirl around, eddies in the stream,
Little girl watches, licks an ice cream,
Pretty in a shirt of her Dad’s football team.

Purchase a muffin or a diamond ring,
A manicure, a balloon on a string,
Meet a friend, find a gift to bring,
Indulge your whims, let them have a fling.

I wonder who walks these halls at night,
When all the shoppers are out of sight,
When the last one home turns off the light,
Are there ghosts who shop in sheets of white.

By Paddy Mulhern