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Looking Out

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Walking down the street
I see a small sad face looking out at me
I smile and she smiles back
And I say Thank God for that

Then next day I pass her house once more
And see her standing by the door
I greet her with a big Hello
She waves, smiles back
And on I go.

I wonder does she live alone
And how she copes throughout the snow
I wonder is she warm at night
And has she milk and tea alright

So bright and early the following morn
I get a bag with some fruit scones
And knock the knocker - one, two, three
Come on in I hear her say

The door was slightly left ajar
I gingerly push it in and enter
My friend is seated at the table
A photo frame is placed beside her

A family portrait is what I see
With sons and daughters looking back at me
She bids me sit right down beside her
And tells me that theyíve gone out foreign

The tiger cub deserted us
My girls and boys could find no work
So each of them has gone out foreign
A brickie, waitress, electrician
An Arts degree the other had
But now theyíve gone to foreign lands
They write you know and call me weekly
But company is what Iím missing

So there and then I boiled the kettle
And cut the scones, we had a natter
Her smile is bright and mine is too

Iíll call on Monday afternoon
Same time says she
As she shows me out
Iíll bake the scones just bring the jam.

mgm December 2010