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Crisp frosty morning, light wisp of breeze,
a sudden flash of vibrant red catches the eye.
This vivid but fleeting splash of colour
the harsh bleak weary grey of winter and loss,
Robin Redbreast if you please.

Generations of children`s fantastical reporter
to Santa Claus
effortlessly makes his elegant bow.
Wow! What beauty and simplicity.

Transportation and escapism
are triggered in the onlooking gallery.
Legend, hearsay, make believe, wishful thinking or faith
erupt and cascade within.

Prompting pained people to consider
this little flyer as a magical messenger
from Heaven.
A joybringer!

Wistfully, Robin Redbreast symbolizes a link
from a multitude of departed or lost loved ones
a multitude of hurt one`s left behind.
These vignettes of relief and hope momentarily
soothe our brokenness.

The little bird`s random but occasional coincidental appearances raise our spirits.
“It`s a sign of presence from Ma, Da, Sarah and all the beloved others”…
…he hopefully thought and reassured himself.
Cruel reality abrupted and spoke differently.
We clutch at straws.

Anecdotal evidence though prompts hopefulness
that adds to the intrigue of Robin Redbreast`s
“I wish you could speak, my skyborne friend”
“Is it true too that white feathers lying on the ground are
really symbolic of angelic guardians physically presenting
comfort to us mere mortals?”
“I do hope so!”
This anecdotal evidence is
sometimes scant, sometimes strong.
Whether borne out of
legend, hearsay, make believe, wishful thinking or faith
it does bestow comfort.

Thank you,
O, Majestic Robin Redbreast.

Dec 2020 /Jan 2021


O Majestic Robin Redbreast is dedicated to the memory of Kitty & Adrian Byrne on the event of their wedding anniversary which occurred on 21st June 2021.They were married in 1955 in Chapelizod. Adrian passed away in March 2020 and Kitty passed away in November 2020.They had almost celebrated 65 years of marriage together.

The verse also mentions Sarah. This of course was in reference to the beautiful lady Miss Sarah Cooper. She was Adrian`s aunt, sister to his mother Helena who died giving childbirth. Helena left 7 children behind her in Terenure. It was decided between the father James Byrne and Sarah to send the two youngest boys to The Square in Lucan to be reared. In a short time the youngest Frankie returned to Terenure. Consequently, Adrian aged 4 grow up in The Square with Sarah as his loving Mother. She died in 1975 aged 80.


L-R: Frankie`s wife Vera and baby Helena, Kitty and toddler Gerard, Sarah in the background (like a guardian angel!) circa late 50s.

Gerard Byrne