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Memories 1969

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by Benny

Working now for just five years
Getting o'er my youthful fears
I'm twenty now and growing up fast
Selling paint is now my task

Neil Armstrong steps on the moon
Northern troubles starting soon
US installs first cash dispenser
Bogside battles getting tenser

I'm mobile now with a Honda bike
Free to travel where I like
Camping, carefree, life's a picnic
A Kennedy in trouble in Chappaquiddick

Changed my job going up the ladder
Charles Manson makes the whole world sadder
American Government changes plan
First troops withdrawn from Vietnam

Enjoying life, playing Basketball
France says goodbye to Charles de Gaulle
My Mam and Dad are fifty three
They're the centre of the world to me

Jack Lynch says he won't stand by
While up in Derry bullets fly
RUC cracks down on civil rights
In France they're testing Concorde flights

In the North people's lives destroyed
As things get worse British Troops deployed
And though we didn't know it yet
They've just invented the Internet

‘Midnight Cowboy’ is all the rage
‘Waiting for Godot’ on the stage
All going well, I'm full of hope
I think I've l learned the skills to cope