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Doctorís office, tear of joy,
Will it be a girl or boy?

Weeks pass by in happy daze
At baby close and prams I gaze

Time to shout the news out loud,
Why ever not for Iím so proud

Doctorís office, strange this time
Try not to worry, it all seems fine

Sudden feeling, Oh God no!
Steady now, it canít be so,
Hospital looms so large ahead,
Oh! My love itís for you I dread

Kindly nurse with gown of white
Sorry love, things just arenít right.
Doctor comes, sits on my bed
Gently speaks the words I dread.

In the distance come the trolly
Please! Donít try to make me jolly
Doctorís eyes all masked in green,
From my heart one last scream
For my baby is there hope.
Needle comes, God! Can I cope?

Open eyes with despair,
Does no one know, does no one care
Hand slips slowly to the womb,
Thereís no one there, itís like a tomb.

Cases packed, itís time to go
Mustnít let my feelings show.
Doors slam shut, head held low,
Goodbye my love, Iíll never know.

Time passes, o so slow,
Will this sorrow ever go.

Awake one morning with surprise
Time to face the world outside
Time to glow, time to grow,
Time to melt the winter snow.

Doctorís office, just once more
To wonder what life holds in store.
By Cecilia Murray