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A Very Special Girl

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Naoife is a very special girl. She has a very special name, Naoife combines Aoife and Naofa. She quite likes it herself, especially as she has yet to meet another girl with the same name.

Naoife reckons her life is quite ordinary. Erin and Keelin are her sisters and she loves them. Naoife’s problem is she doesn’t quite know what to ask Santa Claus for, she has lots of ideas but she knows her list is too long. When she watches TV she sees things she thinks she might like, then when she talks to her friends they tell her what they are getting and she wonders if she should ask for the same? She just doesn’t know how to decide?

It is when she goes to bed that she has time to really think. That is also when Erin and Keelin are asleep, so she won‘t be disturbed. It isn’t that Erin disturbs her but she pulls at things, takes down all her teddies to give them a hug or takes the hairbrush and then wants to go downstairs to do Dad’s hair. Naoife laughs at that, as Dad is bald, well nearly bald. The thing is she has to watch Erin all the time in case she falls. She doesn’t like to see Erin hurt or crying.

Naoife lies down on the bed and looks up at the ceiling and starts to think. She knows that Santa visits all the boys and girls in the whole wide world. She knows that Santa never forgets any boy or girl. She knows that she‘ll be included as she’s nearly always good. She isn’t mean to her sisters; in fact she had no problem letting Erin share her dinner with her yesterday. She also tries to keep her room tidy and not leave her clothes on the floor. Naoife was getting annoyed with herself because there just seem to be so much she could ask for. She wants to be more definite so that Santa would not get a headache worrying about what to leave for her or Erin or Keelin.

It was Friday night and here she was thinking again, last night she fell asleep before she’d come to a decision. She started to list all the maybes. There was Luvabella, LOL Surprise, the Playful Tiger, Bush Babies, Cozmo and the Toilet Trouble Game that sounded so much fun and that was only half the list. There was a jigsaw, a book and a selection box as well. She thought and thought, she realised then she was yawning. She never knew that thinking made you yawn.

Naoife had an idea, she sat up in bed, she knew she had the answer. She knew what she’d do; she’d leave it up to Santa Claus himself. In all of her years he hadn’t let her down. She knew that she could trust him and what’s more she never heard anyone being angry with Santa Claus or giving out about him. That was it; she knew that she would get the present that was just right for her. Santa always got it right.

Naoife turned on her side and promptly fell asleep knowing that it was all sorted.

Mgm - Christmas 2017