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Said the Land to the Sea

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by An Peann

‘Sorry little children’ said the remorseful bitter Sea; ‘I did not want to take you, it was not up to me.’
The angry sea rolled in to land and said ‘we better make a plan.’
‘Four angels washed upon your shore, before tonight; how many more?’

Little people of the sea, your faces now stain their history.
Little arms above your heads, may you fill their cold cruel hearts with dread.
The land and water touched with sadness witnessing these acts of madness.

‘There was room for all’ said the beaten Land, ‘until in came the hand of man.
With cruelty, do they treat each other, trying to blame their actions on others.
They seal their borders, rezone their lands, they turn their cheeks “he’s not our man”.’

All the while these people suffer, from persecution to passage much tougher.
‘I cannot promise I shall not take another’ said the Sea in a remorseful shudder.
‘Let them open their eyes today, this situation cannot go away.’

‘I open my arms’ said the Land to the Sea ‘but honestly the decision lies not with me.’

In Memory of the Children of the Sea.
May You find Peace.

Congratulations to Amanda who writes under the name ‘An Peann’. She is one of our new residents in Sarsfield Park, And penned the above poignant poem, which featured in The Irish Independent 4/9/15.
Amanda has a website with more poetry well worth a look at: