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Santa Claus is on Schedule

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Santa Claus was up the wall
His schedule he could not keep at all
If only he could stop the clock
Another day or even two
Iím sure, he said, would pull me through.
In this modern world to turn up late!
A disgrace like that would be hard to take
Iíd certainly be CRITICIZED,
For not keeping my delivery date.
All contracts Iíd be sure to lose
But calamity thereís worse than that
Imagine all the tears and sighs,
The broken dreams of girls and boys,
On Christmas morning children crying
That just would not do at all.
I canít have that what will I do.
Will I hire another elf or two
They will say I should have modernised
Got in computers and digitilised
No I donít think that will ever do.
There has to be some magic in the things I do
Iíll trim my beard just to keep it neat
Count up to ten and start off again
Itís Christmas Eve the sleigh is packed
The weatherís good the snow is deep
The moon is out the stars are bright
And God has blessed each Christmas Night.
Remember children big and small
Love is the greatest gift of all
So, watch our for St. Nicholas tonight
For Santa Claus is on schedule.

Stephen Byrne