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Scoil Mhuire Days

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Children run to find their places,
Flying coats and shining faces,
Muddy shoes and open laces,
Hurried mother’s snatched embraces.

The day may bring a triumph or a trial,
In classroom, playing field or hall,
A game that’s lost, a friendship’s new beginning,
A sweetly sung song, a painting on the wall.
Here everyone’s a pupil and a teacher,
Everybody’s got a truth to tell,
Each story finds an ear with time to listen
All hurt a tender touch to make it well.
Sunlight through the dappled leaves is shining,
It prompts to growth each acorn that it finds,
As the wisdom of a genial knowing mentor,
Warms the soil ‘round ever searching minds,
Though languages from many shores are spoken,
From frozen Tundra to the desert sand,
At playtime in the schoolyard or at prayer time,
Children recognise no foreign land.
Lessons learned in love are learned for ever,
This how the world would wish to grow,
Take with you the spirit of Scoil Mhuire,
To know that you will help to make it so.

Clean the blackboard, write tomorrow’s date,
In thanksgiving for each other, celebrate,
Day is done; Daddy’s waiting by the gate,
We shall see you in the morning, don’t be late!

Paddy Mulhern.
(Scoil Mhuire – 1984-2009. 25 Bliain Ag Fás)