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By Paddy Mulhern

Mow the lawn,
Hoe the hyacinth bed,
Trim the privet hedge
Paint the garden gate,
Shine the glass,
Brass the knocker,
Weed the gravel path
And check again the date.

The Queen is coming,
Queen of England
And the Realm,
Arriving on a rising tide,
Dark shadows lightening,
History slowly healing,
Crossing a sea of tears
All our mothers have cried.

The Dalai Lama comes,
Compassion in his tone,
Age old and ageless hope,
Every heart at peace,
Loving is forgiving,
The Earth's for all to live,
Let wasteful anger wither,
Futile fighting cease.

Barack Obama’s coming,
Bearer of the dream,
A chance for every man,
Freedom for every caste.
The flowering days of May
Reach out to life anew,
And reconciliation brings
Liberation from the past.