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What Makes Me Happy as I Grow Older

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by Miriam Walsh
A gush of clean water at the turn of a tap
A hot cup of tea from a tray on my lap
All my grandchildren not too far away
Lovely to visit and watch how they play
A loving husband sitting just over there
Many friends have lost what they held dear
A vase of white flowers at the beginning of spring
Makes me feel I can do anything
A walk in the park, the bark of a dog
The smell of fresh coffee and the scent near a bog
A stroll down the pier, any season at all
Summer, winter, spring or the Fall
A warm cup of soup on coming in feeling old
Warming our hands when they are so cold
The cry of a new born so gentle and sweet
Counting the toes on their soft tiny feet
The sound of a storm as I lie safe in bed
And on the next pillow my husbandís dear head
A song on the radio bringing memories so fast
And all of a sudden Iím there in the past
A warm fire in winter, a glow in the dark
Watching hot coals and the flight of a spark.
The laughter of pals, some sad stories too
Helping each other as all good friends do
The aches and pains they can come and go
Theyíre part of me now and help me to know
The suffering of others and how lucky I am
So I count all my blessings as much as I can.

The above poem received an award in the Bealtaine Festival.
Congratulations Miriam!