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Childhood Christmas Memories

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by Benny

Chaineys and balloons draped onto the ceiling
Gives the room and my tummy that's strange Christmas feeling
Mam preparing for Christmas, buys a new wooden spoon
The bowls on the table, Santa Clause coming soon

The local hardware stocks in Christmas toys
Dolls for the girls, toy guns for the boys
Cigarettes sold in large fifty packs
The Beano and Dandy all laid out on the racks

Our visit with Santa was in Clery's store
We might get a torch, snakes and ladders or more
Sausage, egg and chips you couldn't get finer
As we sat in style, in Woolworth store diner

Henry Street lit up with bright Christmas lights
Excited to be out and up so late tonight
Hawkers selling their last jumping dogs
They'd just sold out of the cheap Christmas logs

That smell of Christmas cake as it bakes in the oven
Dad brings in the minerals he's bought by the dozen
The Christmas Tree stands in a bucket of soil
The puddings on the gas coming up to the boil

The fairy lights broken all dangled and twisted
"I'll get them all working, just wait" Dad insisted
Our Turkey hangs up in the cold local store
As we look in with wonder from outside the door

My letter to Santa said a "surprise" and a "rifle"
My sister helped Mammy to make sherry trifle
We listen to Santa on the radio Christmas Eve
He'll mention your name if you truly believe

There's no money around but no word of recession
Relieved happy faces coming out of confession
Mam plucked the turkey we play with its claws
Then we'd all have a bath and await Santa Clause

Stuffing of sausage, potato and bread
Prepared for the turkey as we head to our bed
Up Christmas morning has Santa been here
Has he eaten the biscuit and drank all the beer

My hearts misses a beat heading down to the tree
A riffle, a shirt and ten shillings for me
It's dark, frosty and cold as we head off to Mass
"Happy Christmas" we shout to all as we pass

In the crib in the Church where Baby Jesus lay
Put a penny in the box for a strand of the hay
Home for a big breakfast and play with our toys
The best Christmas ever, Oh how we enjoyed

On the road cowboy outfits with guns firing caps
And dolls in their Prams tucked in taking naps
No bicycles or scooters no gift too expensive
Our Christmas was simple put the joy comprehensive

The dinner served on a decorated table
A large bottle for Dad with Guinness stout on the label
We got to drink orange, lemonade and cream soda
No one as yet knew the drink Pepsi Cola

Poker and pontoon played into the night
As the room changes colour to the Christmas tree lights
The coal on the fire hissing out a blue flame
As you grow older the magic is not quite the same